Dr Chris Sandbrook

Lecturer in Conservation Leadership, UNEP-WCMC & Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Geography

I am the Lecturer in Conservation Leadership at UNEP-WCMC, and an affiliated lecturer in the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge. I help to run the Masters in Conservation Leadership, which brings me into contact with a very wide network of CCI people and organisations. I am involved in several CCI collaborative projects, including Building a network of institutional NGO capacity to support sustainable conservation and Games for Nature. My research focuses on the relationship between conservation and society, particularly in the developing world. I use a political ecology approach to critically evaluate the effectiveness of market-based instruments as tools for conservation and development. Initially I focused on nature-based tourism in Uganda, but more recently I have worked on REDD+ and the attitudes of conservationists to market instruments. I am also interested in the role of personal values and different forms of evidence in conservation decision making.