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Programme of Events

Programme of Events - Transitions towards Sustainability

Professor Pamela Matson, Stanford University, Tellus Mater Distinguished Fellow in Sustainability Studies 2019 

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The Practical Pursuit of Sustainability

Tuesday 26th February, 5pm
Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ

Sustainability is a term widely used by many different groups – from corporations to the international development community to academic institutions and non-profits – sometimes with different meanings and different goals. In this talk, Pamela Matson will draw common threads among the different uses, and illustrate how systems thinking and a capital assets framework can be used by all of them to increase the likelihood of accomplishing sustainability goals.

Followed drinks reception in the David Attenborough Building

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Linking Knowledge to Action at Scales that Matter: Lessons from the past, thoughts about the future

Wednesday 27th February, 5pm
David Attenborough Building, New Museums Site, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ

Over the last two decades, scientific effort has begun to shift from research for fundamental understanding toward research that supports action. Dr. Pamela Matson will discuss how “science to action” has evolved in the context of current global environmental changes and sustainability challenges. While scientists and professional societies have recognized the need for science to help solve pressing societal problems, their engagement in problem solving has had only limited success, especially at the global scale.  Drawing on her own research and others’,  Dr. Matson will discuss some crucial characteristics of research that effectively  links “science to action,”  and practices for extending solutions to scales that matter.

Hosted by Cambridge Conservation Initiative  

Followed by a drinks reception in David Attenborough Building

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Leadership Seminar with Early Career Researchers

Thursday 28th February, 5pm - closed event
David Attenborough Building, New Museums Site, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ

Final Symposium: Panel Discussion

Friday 1st March, 2pm
David Attenborough Building, New Museums Site, Cambridge, CB2 3Q

Symposium to discuss Professor Matson’s work, and some of the issues that she will have raised during the week.

Chaired by Professor Bhaskar Vira

Guest Commentators

Dr Rachel Carmenta: (Geography, Plant Sciences and Zoology, UCCRI)

Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville (Judge Business School)

Professor Adina Merenlender (Berkeley)

Dr Andrew Tanentzap: (Plant Science, UCCRI)


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