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Conservation Research Institute


It is widely recognised that conservation is a social issue but that conservation research / practice does not have sufficient engagement with social science. This is holding us back from being more effective, reframing our visions for the future, etc.

The Centre for Conservation Social Science (CROCUS) is a partnership of the CCI organisations plus several other universities in the UK and abroad. It brings together world leading social scientists from multiple disciplines (geography, anthropology, economics, sociology, etc.) with social scientists and practitioners within NGOs with global reach

CROCUS aims to conduct novel research on four themes (Diverse Futures, Intervening for Change, Equity and Justice, Reimagining Conservation) as well as building individual capacity and mainstreaming conservation social science within the sector. It will initially focus on four case study challenges (area-based conservation, motivating action for nature, illegal timber trade, the new nature economy). Over time it will expand to address other issues, all designed to support delivery of the Global Biodiversity Framework

CROCUS represents a close collaboration between scholars and professionals, poised to elevate the magnitude, caliber, inclusiveness, and amalgamation of social science within the realm of conservation. Through CROCUS, we will empower conservation policies and actions with the formidable tools of social science, comprising first-rate theories, methodologies, and data, facilitating the journey towards a equitable society where both humanity and the environment flourish harmoniously.