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Meet the Researchers

Meet the Researchers 

Friday 13th October 2017

9.30am - 10.30am

Large Seminar Room, David Attenborough Building


 If you haven’t already done so, please do sign up so we can be prepared with badges and catering

9.30am            Welcome – Bhaskar Vira and Alison Harvey

                        - Introduction to UCCRI

                        - Research themes

                        - new ECR programme


9.40am            Meet the senior research leads working in the
                        David Attenborough Building

                         Short introductions from:

                        - Dr Chris Sandbrook and Professor Bhaskar Vira                                        (Geography)

                        - Professor Bill Sutherland (Zoology)

                        - Professor Laura Diaz Anadon (Land Economy)

                        - Dr Andrew Tanentzap (Plant Sciences) and Professor                                David Coomes (Plant Sciences)     

10am –            Meet the researchers

10.30am        When you arrive you will be provided with a badge and                            colour code relating to the four research themes into                                which you might fit – this will enable you to identify                                quickly others whose work is broadly within the same field                        as you or with those whose fields in which you are                                  interested in collaborating. 

                        Tea/coffee and biscuits will be available.


We are one of CCI's ten conservation partners based in Cambridge, UK.

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About Us

UCCRI is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre, with a network of over 150 researchers from all 6 Schools of the University of Cambridge. The Institute supports multidisciplinary research on biodiversity conservation and the social context within which humans engage with nature. It works from a base in the David Attenborough Building, which is designed to enhance collaboration and the sharing of perspectives across organisational and disciplinary boundaries. Find out more...

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