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Conservation Research Institute


New Behaviour and Culture in the Workplace

  • Move around the building slowly and pay close attention to your surroundings in case you need to stop suddenly to give someone room to pass by, especially in communal areas.
  • Look ahead and if another person is approaching, wait for them to pass if the area will not permit a 2-metre distance between you.
  • Do not hold doors open for others as this requires closer than a 2 metre proximity.
  • Before proceeding up or down a staircase, look and listen to ascertain if someone is already on the stairwell, and if so, wait a safe distance away for them to pass.
  • Be willing to communicate verbally with others you encounter in communal areas so they can wait in an appropriate place for you to pass.
  • Do not linger in communal areas and if you do encounter someone and have a brief (socially distanced) chat, make sure neither of you block the way for others wishing to pass.
  • Knock on doors to small rooms before you enter in case the room is occupied.
  • Pass another person back-to-back (but only if distancing is not possible).

Assessing Health Status

  • Assess your health status before coming into work and if you feel at all unwell, or have displayed any symptoms, however mild, stay at home.
  • During this phase, it is better to stay at home and find later that it was a false alarm than to come into work and risk your colleagues’ health.
  • Do not put pressure on yourself or others to ‘struggle on’ if you are in any doubt about your health.