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Global Interdisciplinary Research Publications

Mountain Watersheds and Ecosystem Services: Balancing multiple demands of forest management in head-watersheds

We need radical change in how we produce and consume food

A conceptual framework for understanding the perspectives on the causes of the science–practice gap in ecology and conservation

Disciplinary diversity in marine sciences: the urgent case for an integration of research

Understanding biodiversity-ecosystem service relationships in urban areas: A comprehensive literature review

A Geographical Analysis of Land Use/Land Cover Dynamics in Lolab Watershed of Kashmir Valley, Western Himalayas Using Remote Sensing and GIS

Knowledge needs for the operationalisation of the concept of ecosystem services

Animals on Television- The Cultural Making of the Non-Human

Ecocinema in the City


Ethnozoology - Animals in Our Lives

Environmental Gems in Trade Agreements Little-known Clauses for Progressive Trade Agreements

Integrating methods for ecosystem service assessment: Experiences from real world situations

Should we discipline interdisciplinarity?

Forest owner behavioral models, policy changes, and forest management. An agent-based framework for studying the provision of forest ecosystem goods and services at the landscape level

The Importance of an Interdisciplinary Research Approach to Inform Wildlife Trade Management in Southeast Asia

The “Biodiversity–Ecosystem function debate”: An interdisciplinary dialogue

Seven questions around interdisciplinarity in energy research

Towards an Interdisciplinary Focus on Sound in Ethnobiology Research

A novel framework for analyzing conservation impacts: evaluation, theory, and marine protected areas

River Listening: Acoustic Ecology and Aquatic Bioacoustics in Global River Systems

Using Health Impact Assessment as an Interdisciplinary Teaching Tool

Promoting Cultural Traditions, Social Inclusion and Local Community Participation in Environmental Development Schemes - Dickson Adom+ (Ghana)

Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Creative Arts: Pedagogical Reflections and Possibilities from a Faculty Learning Community

Conceptualizing the transfer of knowledge across cases in transdisciplinary research

Negotiating the Complexities and Risks of Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research

The Scholars We Need: Preparing Transdisciplinary Professionals by Leveraging the Scholarship of Practice

Mother Pelican

Views from many worlds: unsettling categories in interdisciplinary research on endemic zoonotic diseases

Using Scenarios for Interdisciplinary Energy Research

Role of ethnopharmacologists in the conservation of endangered animal species

Human–nature connection: a multidisciplinary review


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UCCRI is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre, with a network of over 150 researchers from all 6 Schools of the University of Cambridge. The Institute supports multidisciplinary research on biodiversity conservation and the social context within which humans engage with nature. It works from a base in the David Attenborough Building, which is designed to enhance collaboration and the sharing of perspectives across organisational and disciplinary boundaries. Find out more...

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