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Filling in biodiversity threat gaps The diversity of life on Earth — which provides vital services to humanity — stems from the difference between rates of evolutionary diversification and extinction. Human activities have shifted the... Journal articles
Horizon Scanning: 2016 BES Legislative Scan - What are the forthcoming legislative issues of interest to ecologists and conservationists in 2016? This paper covers our sixth assessment of the forthcoming legislation that we consider to have likely environmental consequences or consequences for ecologists. We again review issues of a global... Journal articles
Opening of the CCI conservation campus: press and media On 6 April CCI celebrated the opening of the conservation campus in the David Attenborough Building. Below is a selection of the media stories published to mark the opening. Sir David Attenborough ... Popular articles
Horizon Scanning: A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2016 This paper presents the results of our seventh annual horizon scan, in which we aimed to identify issues that could have substantial effects on global biological diversity in the future, but are not... Journal articles
Architects' brochure of The David Attenborough Building This booklet, produced by Nicholas Hare Architects, shows the transformation currently underway of the David Attenborough Building on the New Museums Site in Cambridge. Read about the building’s... Handouts and booklets
Video: Inside the David Attenborough Building Take a look inside the Cambridge Conservation Campus, part of the The David Attenborough Building, on the New Museums Site at The University of Cambridge. The building is currently being transformed... Video
Horizon Scanning: 2015 BES Legislative Scan - What are the forthcoming legislative issues of interest to ecologists and conservationists in 2015? This is our fifth assessment of the forthcoming legislation that is likely to have consequences for the environment and for ecologists. As before, we consider global scale issues, issues in the... Journal articles
Horizon Scanning: A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2015 This paper presents the results of our sixth annual horizon scan, which aims to identify phenomena that may have substantial effects on the global environment, but are not widely known or well... Journal articles
Capacity for conservation website Capacity for conservation is a free online resource designed to act as a central hub where conservation organisations can download tools, contribute their expertise, and learn from one another to... Website resource
Benefits and costs of ecological restoration: rapid assessment of changing ecosystem service values at a UK wetland Restoring degraded land is often seen as an important way of enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services, but information on the costs and benefits of restoring land is scarce. In this paper... Journal articles
Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA) The Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA) provides accessible guidance on low-cost methods for how to evaluate the benefits people receive from nature at particular sites in... Toolkits
Creating win-wins from trade-offs? Ecosystem services for human well-being: a meta-analysis of ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies in the real world Ecosystem services can provide a wide range of benefits for human well-being, including provisioning, regulating and cultural services and benefitting both private and public interests in different... Journal articles
The impact of land use change on migrant birds in the Sahel In this paper, published in Biodiversity, a systematic review of published scientific literature is used to assess the evidence base for the links between dryland environmental change in the Sahel... Journal articles
Digital games and biodiversity conservation In this paper Chris Sandbrook, Bill Adams and Bruno Monteferri discuss the potential of using digital games in the promotion of biodiversity conservation. The games industry is growing rapidly, with... Journal articles
Potential impact of invasive alien species on ecosystem services provided by a tropical forested ecosystem: a case study from Montserrat In this paper, published in Biological Invasions, the authors estimate the effect of feral livestock control on ecosystem services provided by Centre Hills reserve in Montserrat, to evaluate whether... Journal articles
Biodiversity mapping in a tropical West African forest with airborne hyperspectral data Tropical forests, which are major repositories of biodiversity, are at risk of disappearing as land is converted to agriculture. An understanding of which remaining forests to prioritise for... Journal articles
Horizon Scanning: 2014 BES Legislative Scan - What are the forthcoming legislative issues of interest to ecologists and conservationists in 2014? This is the fourth review of environmental legislation likely to occur on a global scale, in the European Union, and in the United Kingdom and its constituent countries. Since this series of reviews... Journal articles
Presentations about CCI conservation campus On 9 April 2014 CCI held an event to update CCI partners on progress with the development of the CCI conservation campus. The three presentations, which can be viewed in this video, provided an... Video
Mechanisms underpinning climatic impacts on natural populations: altered species interactions are more important than direct effects Alterations in species’ distribution and abundance as a consequence of changes in climate are well-known, but the processes that underpin these changes are not well understood. A literature review... Journal articles
What benefits do community forests provide, and to whom? A rapid assessment of ecosystem services from a Himalayan forest, Nepal In Nepal, community forestry is part of a national strategy for livelihoods improvement and environmental protection. However, analysis of the social, economic and environmental impacts of community... Journal articles
Horizon Scanning: A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2014 This paper presents the output of our fifth annual horizon-scanning exercise, which aims to identify topics that increasingly may affect conservation of biological diversity, but have yet to be... Journal articles
Above ground biomass estimation in an African tropical forest with lidar and hyperspectral data The estimation of above ground biomass in forests is critical for carbon cycle modelling and climate change mitigation programmes. Small footprint lidar provides accurate biomass estimates, but its... Journal articles
Briefing on IPBES (January 2014) In December 2013, the IPBES Plenary decided a work programme for IPBES and agreed on a budget, and 2014 is therefore the year in which the work will really start. The CCF/CCI briefing reported back... Talks and presentations
Effectiveness of ecosystem-based approaches for adaptation: review of the evidence-base Ecosystem-based approaches for adaptation (EbA) integrate the use of biodiversity and ecosystem services into an overall strategy for helping people adapt to climate change. To date, however, insight... Journal articles
The importance of native trees for forest bird conservation in tropical farmland Trees in farmland provide valuable ecosystem services that enhance agricultural productivity and income, as well as supporting biodiversity such as birds. A better understanding of the benefits of... Journal articles
TESSA: A toolkit for rapid assessment of ecosystem services at sites of biodiversity conservation importance Many sites that are important for biodiversity conservation also provide significant benefits (i.e. ecosystem services) to people. Understanding the effects of changes to a site on the the delivery... Journal articles
Briefing on IPBES Jerry Harrison gave an update on the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) on 3 October at UNEP-WCMC. 2013 is the year in which the IPBES work... Talks and presentations
Reducing the carbon footprint of conservation organisations This report, produced by the CCI-CCF Carbon Management Task Force, showcases a range of carbon saving projects from across Cambridge and outlines measures that organisations can take to reduce the... Working papers and reports
Open-source mapping and services for Web-based land-cover validation This paper, an output of a CCI Collaborative Fund project, presents an example of a web-based solution based on free and open-source software and standards (including PostGIS, OpenLayers, Web Map... Journal articles
Protection Reduces Loss of Natural Land-Cover at Sites of Conservation Importance across Africa While there is broad agreement that protected areas play a significant role in reducing land-cover change, quantifiable evidence for their efficacy can be difficult to obtain. In this paper Alison... Journal articles