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UCCRI Newsletter 3rd July 2015




3rd July 2015

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Research Funding Opportunities

Research in sustainable solid waste management
Environmental Research and Education Foundation
Funding supports projects related to sustainable waste management practices in the areas of waste minimisation, recycling, waste conversion to energy, strategies to promote diversion to higher and better uses and landfilling. Previously grants have ranged from US$15,000 to over US$500,000 with the average grant amount being US$160,000. Closing date: 15 Jul 15 

ESRC/National Research Foundation Newton call for collaborative research urban transformations in South Africa This supports collaborative projects between UK and South African researchers which may offer additional value to existing programmes of urban research, and contribute to the economic development and welfare of South Africa. ESRC has allocated up to £1.5 million and NRF has allocated up to ZAR4.5m for this call. Applicants may request between £300,000 and £500,000 and up to ZAR1.5 million per project. Closing date: 16 Jul 15 

Sustainability research programme theme two – health and wellbeing
Environmental Protection Agency Ireland
Research under this theme will develop national capacity in key areas, generate data and make assessments of priority issues for Ireland and mobilise this knowledge for use in environment and health protection. Funding for medium-scale projects is worth up to €350,000 over 24 to 36 months; funding for desk studies is worth between €50,000 and €100,000 over six to 12 months. The total budget for this theme is between €600,000 and €1 million. Closing date: 17 Jul 15  

Sustainability research programme theme three – natural capital and ecosystem services including soils and biodiversity
Environmental Protection Agency Ireland
Research under this theme will address knowledge gaps in biodiversity research by evaluating, assessing and restoring Ireland’s natural capital to inform governance and behavioural changes. Funding for medium-scale projects is worth up to €350,000 over 24 to 36 months; funding for desk studies is worth between €50,000 and €100,000 over six to 12 months. The total budget for this theme is between €600,000 and €750,000. Closing date: 17 Jul 15  

Water research programme theme two – ecosystem services and sustainability 
Environmental Protection Agency Ireland
This supports research that aims to understand, maintain and safeguard the essential functions and processes of aquatic ecosystems, such as aquatic habitats, ecosystem services, ecosystem resilience and ecological connectivity, restoration of natural ecosystems and economic valuation. One desk study of six to 12 months will be funded with an indicative budget of up to €75,000. Closing date: 17 Jul 15  

Water research programme theme four – understanding, managing and conserving water resources
Environmental Protection Agency Ireland
Research under this programme will contribute to better use and protection of water resources. Funding for large-scale projects is worth €500,000 over 36 to 48 months; funding for medium-scale projects is worth up to €355,000 over 24 to 36 months; funding for research fellowships is worth up to €160,000 over 24 months.
Closing date: 17 Jul 15  

BBSRC/NERC/Newton Fund call for virtual joint centres with Brazil, China and India in agricultural nitrogen This enables UK researchers to establish virtual joint centres with Brazil, China and India in agricultural nitrogen, with a focus on the themes of agronomic nitrogen use efficiency, biological nitrogen use efficiency and biological nitrogen fixation. The budget for UK components of bilateral projects is worth approximately £10 million. Projects may last for up to three years. Closing date: 22 Jul 15 

University of Cambridge/ Wellcome Trust Junior Interdisciplinary Fellowships (Up to 2 Posts)
The scheme is aimed at suitably qualified post-doctoral candidates with backgrounds in the physical sciences (incl. engineering, mathematics and computer sciences) who wish to gain experience in the application of their research to solve problems in the basic biological and biomedical sciences. The fellowships are intended to provide opportunities for award holders to gain experience in applying biological approaches, and/or apply novel theoretical or experimental techniques from the physical sciences to address biological problems. Closing date 22nd July 2015

Bird protection project grants
Club 300:s Fågelskyddsfond – Club 300 Foundation for Bird Protection
These support conservation and research projects related to bird protection all over the world. The focus is on projects related to highly threatened or poorly known species. Grants are worth up to US$5,000 each. Closing date: 31 Jul 15  

David S Jenkinson fellowship
British Society of Soil Science
This fellowship enables scientists in furthering their academic endeavours by supporting international travel from the UK to a collaborating laboratory overseas in the field of soil science. One fellowship, worth up to £5,000, is available to cover primarily travel and subsistence costs. Closing date: 31 Jul 15  

Highlight notice for cross-disciplinary research networks exploring emerging areas of cross-council enquiry
Arts and Humanities Research Council
This supports cross-disciplinary proposals addressing boundary-crossing engagement in relation to emerging issues in science and technology. The following topics are particularly relevant: risk; conflict, transnational organised crime and cybersecurity; cities, urbanisation, urban living and smart cities; valuing nature; antimicrobial resistance; wellbeing; emerging areas of science and technology. Closing date: 31 Jul 15  

Reducing energy demand in the transport sector
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Funding supports interdisciplinary collaborative research to reduce energy demand in the energy sector. The total budget is worth up to £4 million. Two projects are expected to be funded for a period of three years. Closing date: 31 Jul 15 

Expressions of interest for impact assessments of under-evaluated areas of CGIAR research
Topics may include: irrigation and water management; livestock; agroforestry; biodiversity; policy and social science; natural resource management. CGIAR, through its standing panel on impact assessment, aims to fund three to five impact assessment studies, worth between US$100,000 and US$200,000 each. Closing date: 07 Aug 15  

Van Tienhoven grant
Van Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Protection
This aims to promote the protection and conservation of ecosystems and their flora and fauna, wherever they are threatened outside the Netherlands. Projects may be granted up to €20,000 each. Closing date: 15 Aug 15  

Agriculture-nutrition impact studies
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
These medium to long-term research studies and evaluations will deliver robust evidence on the impact of agriculture on nutrition and health outcomes. Funding for interventions and study designs that are fully supported by existing formative and feasibility research is worth up to US$3.5 million per proposal over five years. Funding for proposals that are not supported by formative and feasibility research is worth up to US$100,000 over six to 12 months. Closing date: 08 Aug 15 (Forecast)

Policy internships
Natural Environment Research Council
Each award enables PhD students funded by BBSRC, AHRC or NERC to gain three months’ experience of working in science policy. Successful applicants will receive a three-month extension to their PhD funding. Closing date: 18 Aug 15 (Forecast)

Fellowship programme

International Tropical Timber Organization
This seeks to promote human resource development and to strengthen professional expertise in member countries in tropical forestry, tropical timber industries and related disciplines. Fellowship awards are worth up to US$10,000. Closing date: 20 Aug 15 (Forecast)

Linking biodiversity to national economic and social priorities in the member states
Directorate-General for the Environment
The tenderer will analyse relevant socio-economic priorities and identify synergies between them and biodiversity objectives in EU member states. A single contract, worth between €250,000 and €300,000, is available for a duration of 24 months and is not subject to renewal. Closing date: 24 Aug 15  

Field equipment grant
British Society of Soil Science
This grant is designed to enable institutions to buy field equipment to aid in the instruction and understanding of soil science. Grants are worth up to £1,000. Closing date: 01 Sep 15  

Sustainable future programme grants
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
These support projects on developing and promoting sustainable, low-carbon alternatives to the current consumerist and growth-based paradigm. The grants have a nominal average value of £50,000, but in actuality grants may range from a few hundred pounds to £100,000 and last up to three years. Closing date: 01 Sep 15 

Understanding and sustaining Brazilian biome resources
Natural Environment Research Council
This aims to improve the understanding of the role of biodiversity in the functioning of ecosystems, the drivers and impact of change, and management and restorations options in Brazil. NERC will provide up to £2 million at 80 per cent full economic cost for UK-based researchers with FAPESP providing matched equivalent effort to Brazilian researchers Closing date: 02 Sep 15  

Action on maritime spatial planning in the northern European Atlantic
Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
This call aims to stimulate the development of a cross-border, ecosystem-based approach towards maritime spatial planning among EU member states in the northern Atlantic region. One grant, worth up to €2.6 million at an EU co-financing rate of 80 per cent, is available over a period of two years. The action is expected to start by 1 December 2015. Closing date: 10 Sep 15  

LIFE – traditional projects on climate change mitigation
Directorate-General for the Environment
Funding supports best-practice, demonstration or pilot projects that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and to the implementation and development of Union policy and legislation on climate change resilience. The LIFE programme budget is approximately €3.46 billion. Each project may request up to 75 per cent of eligible costs. Closing date: 15 Sep 15  

Pilot on-farm projects to test result-based remuneration schemes for the enhancement of biodiversity
Directorate-General for the Environment
Funding supports projects that aim to test result-based agri-environmental payment schemes on working farms as a contribution to stop the widespread degradation of agro-ecosystems, particularly grasslands. The budget is estimated at €500,000 to fund one or two proposals at a maximum EU co-financing rate of 70 per cent of total eligible costs. Closing date: 15 Sep 15  

LIFE – traditional projects on climate change adaptation
Directorate-General for the Environment
Funding supports best-practice, demonstration or pilot projects that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and to the implementation and development of Union policy and legislation on climate change adaptation. The programme budget is approximately €3.46 billion. Each project may request up to 75 per cent of eligible costs. Closing date: 15 Sep 15  

LIFE – traditional projects on climate governance and information
Directorate-General for the Environment
Funding supports information, awareness and dissemination projects on climate matters, including generating public and stakeholder support of EU policy-making within the climate field and promoting knowledge on sustainable development. The LIFE programme budget is approximately €3.46 billion. Each project may request up to 75 per cent of eligible costs. There is no limit on project length, but most projects last from two to five years. Closing date: 15 Sep 15  

Mid-career fellowships
British Academy
These allow successful applicants to obtain time freed from normal teaching and administrative commitments to devote to the completion of a major piece of research within the humanities and social sciences. It is expected that 35 fellowships, worth £160,000 each, will be available. The British Academy’s contribution should represent 80 per cent of full economic costs for projects costing up to £200,000. Closing date: 17 Sep 15 (Forecast) 

Primate research grants
Primate Conservation
These provide support for original research that can be used to formulate and to implement conservation plans for the species studied. Funding of approximately US$2,500 is provided on average, with a maximum grant of US$5,000. Closing date: 20 Sep 15 

Birdfair/RSPB research fund for endangered birds
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
These enable researchers to undertake key projects on birds listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources as endangered, critically endangered or data-deficient. Grants of up to US$2,000 are available. Closing date: 30 Sep 15 (Forecast) 

LIFE – traditional projects on environment and resource efficiency
Directorate-General for the Environment
This supports pilot and demonstration projects that contribute to environment and resource efficiency in the fields of water, waste, resource efficiency, environment and health, and air quality and emissions. The overall budget for traditional projects under the environment sub-programme is approximately €184 million and projects may request up to 75 per cent of eligible costs. Closing date: 01 Oct 15  

LIFE – traditional projects on environmental governance and information
Directorate-General for the Environment
Funding supports information, awareness and dissemination projects that contribute to the development and implementation of EU environmental policy and legislation. The LIFE programme budget is approximately €3.46 billion, and the total budget for traditional projects under the environment sub-programme is approximately €184m. Each project may request up to 75 per cent of eligible costs. Closing date: 07 Oct 15  

LIFE – traditional projects on nature and biodiversity
Directorate-General for the Environment
This supports pilot and demonstration projects that contribute to the development and implementation of EU policy and legislation in the area of nature and biodiversity. The overall budget for traditional projects under the environment sub-programme is approximately €184 million and projects may request up to 75 per cent of eligible costs. Closing date: 07 Oct 15  

UK mammals grants
People’s Trust for Endangered Species
These grants support work relating to the conservation of mammals in the British Isles and Eire. Grants are worth between £250 and £30,000, although the average amount granted to date has been about £9,000. Closing date: 13 Oct 15  

Small grants Estuarine Coastal Sciences Association
These grants enable students to attend academic conferences, travel for research purposes, visit libraries or other collections of research materials, visit laboratories or conduct fieldwork. Grants are worth up to £500 each. Closing date: 01 Nov 15 

All-discipline postgraduate student awardsFulbright Commission
These support UK citizens with the first year of their postgraduate study, doctoral study, visiting student research or special student research in any subject and at any accredited US university. Approximately 10 awards are available for a one-year period. Closing date: 06 Nov 15 

Fulbright/Elsevier data analytics award
Fulbright Commission
This is offered to a UK citizen for the first year of their postgraduate study in any field requiring data analysis to advance understanding of research in any field or across fields.One award is available for a period of one year.Closing date:06 Nov 15 

Prize essay competition
Agricultural Economics Society
This recognises a suitable essay on any aspect of agricultural economics.The prize is worth £1,000. Closing date: 30 Nov 15 

Young scientist research award 
Commonwealth Forestry Association
This supports students undertaking forest-related research in pursuit of an academic qualification. The award is worth up to £500. Closing date: 31 Dec 15 

Junior professorship for sustainable use of renewable natural resources 
Robert Bosch Stiftung
The professorship seeks to support a young outstanding scientist and to contribute to a better standing of the emerging field of sustainability science in Germany. Up to €1 million is available for independent research over five years at a German research institution or university. Closing date: 18 May 16 (Forecast)

Talks and Events

Zoology Postdoc Summer Seminar Series
Series of seminars on 24th June, 1st July, 8th July 15th July and 22nd July in Department of Zoology

Global Food Security Cambridge
Sainsbury Laboratory
Wednesday 8th July 2015, 9.30–5.30

What does business need to know about food, energy, water and the environment?
Nexus2020: the most important questions for business - UCCRI hosted workshop on Monday 13th July, Room 101, Hardy Building, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Regional Man-land Relationship in the Northern Chinese Frontier in History
Professor Deng Hui, Peking University, Monday 13th July, Dept of Geography

Performance Gap? Energy, Health and Comfort needs in Building
 Location: CRASSH, Seminar room SG1, Alison Richard Building
Monday 20th July 2015

Blooming algae: a nuisance or something useful?
Professor Alison Smith, Head of the Plant Metabolism Group at the Department of Plant Sciences explores the potential of algae for sustainable biofuels. Sunday 26th July, 11am

Whipple Museum
Department of History and Philosophy of Science

As part of the Summer at the Museums:

All about that fungus
3rd August 11.00-13.00 and 17th August 14.00-16.00 Join us for a fun-gal experience at the Whipple Museum! Take a close look at the fungi models made by one of Cambridge's famous fungus experts and make your own model to take home. Free and suitable for all ages. Please drop in.

Darwin Delights
10th August 11:00-13.00 and 14:00-16:00. The Museum of Zoology visits the Whipple Museum to explore Darwin's life and discoveries. Learn about the instruments he used, the specimens he collected, and make your own microscope slide to take home. Free and suitable for all ages. Please drop in.


Watercolour- Elements of nature
Tue 16 June - Sun 27 September
Fitzwilliam Museum

UKERC Annual International Energy Summer School
5th to 10th July, Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire

Wings of Change
Chaired by Paul Pearce-Kelly, Senior Curator of Invertebrates/Lower Invertebrates and Research at ZSL
Long-term insect surveillance initiatives, such as the Rothamsted Insect Survey and the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme,
allow ongoing assessments of the conservation status of large numbers of insect species against a background of increasing
environmental change. Huxley Lecture Theatre, ZSL London Zoo. FREE Science and Conservation Event, open to all, no
need to book, 14th July 6pm

Interdisciplinary Research on Energy Transitions
5th October, Cardiff University (call for papers closes 12th July)
Can Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) work for both people and the environment?
Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh
27th to 28th July
[CALL FOR PAPERS] 2015 International Conference on Science, Technology, Innovation (STI) and Development
Seoul, Republic of Korea, 9th to 10th September 2015
17th Annual Bioecon Conference “Experimental and Behavioural Economics and the Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services” Call for Papers by 22nd May 2015
13th 15th September 2015

Dialogue with the Dalai Lama: Growing Wisdom, Changing People
The Dalai Lama has accepted an invitation from Rowan Williams to participate in an open dialogue in Cambridge 16 and 17 September 2015. The overall theme is Universal Responsibility. The focus of this two-day event will on genuine dialogue. We will create a space where young people and leading thinkers and practitioners can explore in conversation with Lord Williams and His Holiness the concept of Universal Responsibility and what it can mean for the world. Topics of conversation will be drawn from the questions, ideas and concerns of the younger participants. Our vision is to help empower a rising generation of young people with a sense of the extraordinary possibilities of dialogue.

Towards Green Growth? Official Launch of the OECD's Tracking Progress Report
Webinar: This webinar will explore the advances made since the launch of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Developmentgreen growth strategy in 2011 and highlight areas of broad scope to heighten the ambition and effectiveness of green growth policy. 
27 July 2015, 15:00-16:30 (Paris time)

ISAP 2015
Solutions for Change: Forging Multi-stakeholder Partnerships towards 2030

On 28-29 July 2015, the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) will co-organize the Seventh International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2015) “Solutions for Change: Forging Multi-stakeholder Partnerships towards 2030” in Yokohama, Japan. This year, the global community expects to reach two major milestones for climate change and sustainable development – a future climate regime and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

SEED Africa Symposium
The SEED Africa Symposium is an international forum for sharing knowledge and experience, establishing partnerships, and developing solutions to stimulate the growth of social and eco-entrepreneurship.
9th – 10th September, Nairobi, Kenya

Conference | Economics of innovation, diffusion, growth and the environment
The conference will cover a wide range of topics in the area of the economics of growth, development and technological change, including but not limited to: innovation in clean technologies (including fiscal and regulatory incentives for clean technology development), technology diffusion (including the role of intellectual property rights), growth and environmental policy, technology agreements and global environmental policy. The conference will be will be of interest to both researchers and policy makers working on issues related to the areas of the economics of innovation, growth and the environment.
16 September  - 18 September, 2015, Royal Society of Arts, London

Call for Papers: International workshop on ecosystem management and environmental justice: Mapping the linkages
International workshop at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, 12th to 13th October 2015

Research Papers


How much flower-rich habitat is enough for wild pollinators? Answering a key policy question with incomplete knowledge

China's energy-water nexus – assessment of the energy sector's compliance with the “3 Red Lines” industrial water policy

DFID, the Private Sector and the Re-centring of an Economic Growth Agenda in International Development

Transient degassing events at the lava lake of Erebus volcano, Antarctica: Chemistry and mechanisms

Safeguarding Sumatran tigers: evaluating effectiveness of law enforcement patrols and local informant networks

Natural capital and ecosystem services informing decisions: From promise to practice

Hosts of avian brood parasites have evolved egg signatures with elevated information content

The diversification of Heliconius butterflies: What have we learned in 150 years?


Does the gender composition of forest and fishery management groups affect resource governance and conservation outcomes: a systematic map protocol

What drives the adoption of integrated shrimp mangrove aquaculture in Vietnam?

Darwinism in Context: An Interdisciplinary, Highly Contextualized Course on Nature of Science

The fisherly imagination: The promise of geographical approaches to marine management

Linking Evolution, Ecology, and Health: TriCEM

Book: A New Psychology for Sustainability LeadershipPsychological research and global climate change

Collective climate action: Determinants of participation intention in community-based pro-environmental initiatives

Assessing the biodiversity value of wet grasslands: can selected plant and insect taxa be used as rapid indicators of species richness at a local scale?

Reflections on Environmental Communication and the Challenges of a New Research Agenda

Turtle Hotspots: An Analysis of the Occurrence of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles in Biodiversity Hotspots, High-Biodiversity Wilderness Areas, and Turtle Priority Areas

Biodiversity and distribution of polar freshwater DNA viruses

Health, wealth, and education: the socioeconomic backdrop for marine conservation in the developing world

Economics of Solid Waste in India

Payments for ecosystem services in the tropics: a closer look at effectiveness and equity

Conference Paper: Speaking of the sea in the Azores islands: We sometimes went for lapas

Names matter: Interdisciplinary research on taxonomy and nomenclature for ecosystem management

Public health impacts of ecosystem change in the Brazilian Amazon

Conservation Paleobiology: Leveraging Knowledge of the Past to Inform Conservation and Restoration

Cognition-centered conservation as a means of advancing integrative animal behavior

Estimating the impacts of conservation on ecosystem services and poverty by integrating modeling and evaluation

Tourism Geographies: An International Journal of Tourism Space, Place and Environment

A literature review of connectedness to nature and its potential for environmental management 

Research News

Animating the universal ambition of the SDGs

New Tool Assesses Potential Exemptions from Europe’s Industrial Emissions Directive

Scientists warn of species loss due to human-made landscapes: Study found 35 percent fewer bird species in agricultural habitats

“Valuing our Life Support Systems” report launch: the challenges and opportunities of natural capital 

“Not just another commodity”: Leading economist backs Pope’s stance on poverty and environment

How the sounds of the British coast are being mapped

Putting fish on the ‘highway’ to success

Aquaculture and antibiotics

Europe's Biggest Illegal Dump — ‘Italy’s Chernobyl’ — Uncovered in Mafia Heartland

World Bank’s 2015 Little Green Data Book Highlights Costs of Air Pollution

Other News

What are the most important questions around business practice that, if answered, could help companies manage their dependencies and impacts upon food, energy, water and the environment?

E is for Elephant (Cambridge Animal Alphabet) 
Read about the work by UCCRI’s Dr Lauren Evans on elephants fence breaking

Novel Thoughts
Novel Thoughts’ is a series exploring the literary reading habits of eight Cambridge scientists. From illustrated children’s books to Thomas Hardy, from Star Wars to Middlemarch, we find out what fiction has meant to each of the scientists and peek inside the covers of the books that have played a major role in their lives.

Report from Vienna Energy Forum Focuses on Sustainable Energy for Inclusive Development
VEF 2015, which took place in Vienna, Austria, from 18-20 June 2015, brought together over 2,500 participants from some 60 countries, including ministers, high-level dignitaries and senior representatives of international and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academia, civil society and the private sector. 

Routledge Handbook of National and Regional Ocean Policies
This comprehensive handbook, prepared by leading ocean policy academics and practitioners from around the world, presents in-depth analyses of the experiences of fifteen developed and developing nations and four key regions of the world that have taken concrete steps toward cross-cutting and integrated national and regional ocean policy.

Call for marine cooperation
The European Environment Agency has said that knowledge of marine diversity is still “very limited” and required greater cooperation between EU countries and their neighbours.

PCLG Call for Resources: Gender, conservation and governance
A new project aims to map the evidence on gender, natural resource governance and biodiversity conservation. And we're looking for your help.

Leadership, Sustainability and Wellbeing
A special issue of the Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal (SAMPJ), in collaboration with the Leading Wellbeing Research Festival, is seeking research that explores issues of leadership for sustainability or wellbeing. Both conceptual and empirical submissions drawing on a range of theoretical perspectives and qualitative methodologies are now invited until 1st September 2015. 


Wetlands International, Full time Senior Advocacy Officer, Netherlands

For further information contact:

Bas Tinhout
Technical Officer Climate-Smart Land Use
Wetlands International
P.O. Box 471, 6700AL Wageningen, The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)318 660951 
Skype: bastinhout

Research Associate & Project Coordination Positions

International Law & Sustainable Development Research Project Coordinator
Interested in international law and its contribution to sustainable development, including rights of the child, climate change, endangered species conservation, trade and investment, and ending poverty? Willing to engage with an international network of committed, dynamic international lawyers, scholars and world-changers, advising inter-governmental agencies, partnering with the United Nations, and publishing leading academic volumes and children’s books with a special message? Available for part-time legal research and/or international project management experience over the summer and/or fall of 2015?

Voices of Future Generations Rights of the Child Project Coordinator
A leading graduate or undergraduate student with interest in education, children’s rights and sustainable development, the successful candidate will take on a key role in supporting, managing and promoting a new international series of children’s books on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and global sustainable development goals, in partnership with the United Nations. They will also help to plan and host a special Children’s Summit to be held in New York at the UN General Assembly’s 70th Anniversary, engage with an international consortium of experts and charities working worldwide to support inclusion of voices for future generations in policy-making, and edit a new book for Cambridge University Press on inter-generational equity in international law.

These 3-4 month summer project coordination positions can be held by graduate and undergraduate students who are based in Cambridge over the summer 2015 and/or who plan to return to Cambridge in the fall of 2015. A monthly honorarium of 500 GBP is available, for 10 days per month part-time, with success potentially leading to further engagements over 2015-2016. For more information about the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) see

To apply, simply send a short cover note and CV addressed to the CISDL Senior Director (, cc before 06 July 2015.

Zero draft of the outcome document for the UN Summit to adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda
This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity that also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. All countries acting in collaborative partnership will implement the Agenda.

International Trade Centre (Itc)
Major Upcoming Business Opportunity Notice 
Call For Expression Of Interest (Eoi) 
Terms of Reference (summary): ITC has a programme of work to support the sustainable sourcing of biodiversity for export value chains in food, fibre and other natural resource sectors. It intends to carry out a consumer survey of consumers in Viet Nam on preferences for sustainably sourced flora and fauna for Traditional Asian Medicine.  Important: The purpose of this call for EOI is to identify appropriate suppliers who can potentially fulfill the requirements. The present call for EOI does not constitute an invitation to tender. Only suppliers deemed qualified by ITC will receive the invitation to tender.

What’s happening in sustainable development policy and practice globally?

Intergovernmental Negotiations on Post-2015 Development Agenda – Sixth Session

New York City, US

22 Jun - 25 Jun

Global Compact+15: Business as a Force for Good

New York City, US

23 Jun - 25 Jun

World Forum on Ecosystem Governance

Guizhou, China

25 Jun - 27 Jun

Third High-level Political Forum

New York City, US

26 Jun - 8 Jul

UNGA High-level Event on Climate Change

New York City, US

29 Jun

10th Meeting of the Board of the Green Climate Fund

Songdo, Republic of Korea

6 Jul - 9 Jul

World Leaders' Conservation Forum 2015

Jeju City, Jeju (Cheju-Do), Republic of Korea

7 Jul - 9 Jul

ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review

New York City, US

9 Jul - 10 Jul


Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation

9 Jul - 10 Jul

Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD)

Addis Ababa, Adis Abeba, Ethiopia

13 Jul - 16 Jul

ECOSOC Coordination and Management Meeting - July 2015

New York City, US

20 Jul - 22 Jul

Intergovernmental Negotiations on Post-2015 Development Agenda – Seventh and Eighth Sessions

New York City, US

20 Jul - 31 Jul

Organizational Session on ECOSOC Programme of Work for July 2015-July 2016

New York City, US

23 Jul - 24 Jul

2nd Africa Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Conference 2015 (EBAFOSC 2)

Nairobi, Kenya

30 Jul - 31 Jul

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

US (worldwide)

9 Aug


If you have any events or news items you would like to add to this newsletter please send by email to:

University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute
Twitter: @cambridge_uccri 

We are one of CCI's ten conservation partners based in Cambridge, UK.

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