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University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute

  • 17Dec

    The Conservation Research Institute warmly welcomes you to the Christmas Quiz & Drinks 2019 

    • Tuesday 17th December
    • 16:00pm - 19:00pm
    • Large Seminar Room, David Attenborough Building 

    Delicious Christmas canapes, pizza and drinks will be served from 16:00pm onwards.

  • 10Jan

    Twitter is a source of abundant and free data that can be obtained for analysis. In this session, I will explain the methods that I used to collect data from Twitter, as well as the R codes used to clean and analyse the tweets. This will also include a brief introduction to sentiment analysis of text data.

  • 17Jan

    A very useful online tool that allows conservation professionals to look at how biodiversity projects can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal targets. Developed with the help of BirdLife, this tool helps you find out which United Nations sustainable development targets your project might fulfil.

  • 31Jan

    This session will explore the psychology underlying human behaviour generally as well as applied to the context of conservation, such as barriers that prevent and levers that can motivate pro-environmental action.

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  • 14Feb

    ‘Q method’ allows systematic semi-quantitative analysis of perspectives. This workshop will give a brief history of Q and its strengths, limitations, and application in conservation.

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  • 28Feb

    Professor Diaz Anadon will lead this workshop on how to examine and evaluate the available options to implement the goals generated by government policies and policy makers.

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  • 24Mar

    Building links among young conservation scientists and practitioners.

  • 24Apr

    Shiny is an R package that makes it easy to build interactive web apps straight from R. You can host standalone apps on a webpage or embed them in R Markdown documents.

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  • 08May

    Training on how to deliver key messages to the public clearly and concisely.

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  • 21May

    Discuss how skills learned during your PhD can help plan your next career step. Explore various aspects of career development within and outside academia. Get advice on seeking funding & applying for jobs. Discuss if you unsure whether to pursue an academic career or enter a different sector?