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Conservation Research Institute

We're a founding member of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, a special partnership between the University of Cambridge and ten top conservation groups focused on innovative solutions for biodiversity and climate challenges.


Latest News

Innovative aquaculture system turns waste wood into nutritious seafood

29 November 2023

Researchers hoping to rebrand a marine pest as a nutritious food have developed the world’s first system of farming shipworms, which they have renamed ‘Naked Clams’. Naked Clams, the world’s fastest-growing bivalve, which reach 30cm in just six months by converting waste wood into protein. Researchers found these clams...

A recent study in Ecology & Evolution suggests butterflies are most vulnerable to climate change during their larval stage

1 November 2023

A new study by member of the Insect Ecology Group and published in Ecology & Evolution has found that butterflies may be most vulnerable to climate change as larvae. Insects are vulnerable to climate change, as they rely on their environment to regulate their body temperature. Insects also play a vital role in many different ecosystem services, many of which are relevant to human society, such as pollinating our crops.

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