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University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute


Job Vacancies

1 November 2019

Job Vacancies BirdLife International are looking for Fundraising Assistant to support them in assisting their Fundraising Team for three months. This person will communicate with BirdLife members and donors, as well as hold responsibility for fundraising data management and supporting the Fundraising Manager and...

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Conservation opportunity: gain experience with state-of-the-art conservation technology

1 November 2019

By Prem Gill CONSERVATION OPPORTUNITY: GAIN EXPERIENCE WITH STATE-OF-THE-ART CONSERVATION TECHNOLOGY I'm a polar conservationist working with WWF, British Antarctic Survey and the Scott Polar Institute. Outside of my research, I'm heavily interested in increasing opportunities for underrepresented groups to work in top...

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Extent of human encroachment into world’s protected areas revealed

29 October 2019

Largest study yet to compare protected with “matched” unprotected land finds “significantly higher” increases in human pressure – primarily through agriculture – in protected areas across the tropics. "Our study shows that agriculture is the driving force behind threats to protected areas, particularity in the tropics:"...

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Veg ‘nudge’: extra vegetarian option reduces meat consumption without denting food sales

1 October 2019

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE MEDIA RELEASE Veg ‘nudge’: extra vegetarian option reduces meat consumption without denting food sales First major study on “nudging” people towards sustainable diets. Replacing just one meat or fish dish with another veggie option in college cafeterias dramatically increased herbivorous dining...

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Biodiversity-related activities to boost local biodiversity

21 June 2019

The Environment and Energy section is currently looking for members of staff or students in your department who would be interested in running biodiversity-related activities to boost local biodiversity and help promote wellbeing activities within the department. Such events could include, but are not restricted to, nature...

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PRESS RELEASE Beyond the Academy: Embedding Interdisciplinarity: The role of Universities as ‘dynamic catalysts for change’

28 May 2019

More and more universities are embracing interdisciplinary research, recognising that it is vital for tackling complex global problems. However, interdisciplinary working is yet to become embedded in academia. Conventional academic systems are not designed to support interdisciplinary research, and traditional structures...

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Unusual Suspects: what contributions can biodiversity conservation organisations make to the Sustainable Development Goals?

22 September 2018

Collaborators in Cambridge have launched a new tool designed to help conservation practitioners engage with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, within this framework, the wider human and societal benefits of their work. This tool launches on the same day as the Cambridge Conservation Initiative hosts an event...

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Biodiversity conservation initiatives have unfulfilled potential to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

21 September 2018

UCCRI has launched an online tool that allows conservation professionals to look at how biodiversity projects contribute to the SDG targets, and a new paper examining the potential of REDD+ projects to make a greater contribution towards SDG targets. UCCRI is part of a new, multi-university network that will explore...

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Charlotte Payne presented with Public Engagement with Research Award

22 July 2018

July 2018 Congratulations to PhD student Charlotte Payne , who has been awarded one of the Vice-Chancellor’s Public Engagement with Research Award from Cambridge University for her work around edible insects. The University said “Working together with farmers and scientists at every stage, Payne developed a participatory...

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Professor Bhaskar Vira awarded Busk Medal for interdisciplinary research on economy, environment and development

22 May 2018

Professor Bhaskar Vira awarded Busk Medal for interdisciplinary research on economy, environment and development May 2018 Congratulations to UCCRI Director Professor Bhaskar Vira , who has been awarded the Royal Geographical Society's Busk Medal in recognition of his interdisciplinary research on economy, environment and...

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