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Conservation Research Institute


Joint CCI/CEENRG Seminar, Wed 11th October 2023

Prof Jorge Vinuales, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

Bringing climate change before the World Court: Strategic, diplomatic and legal considerations

Climate litigation has made significant breakthroughs before some domestic courts, but the jury is still out at the international level. A decision from an international court or tribunal, particularly one from the 'World Court', i.e. the International Court of Justice (ICJ), could make a big difference in levelling the playing field across countries. This seminar will discuss some political, strategic and legal aspects of the global effort led by the Republic of Vanuatu to seek climate justice at the ICJ. Prof. Vinuales has been closely involved in this global initiative, advising Vanuatu throughout the process on the different dimensions of this unprecedented case.

Refreshments will follow in the DAB Common Room

Online participants need to register for a Zoom link using the following form:

Wednesday, 11 October, 2023 - 16:00 to 17:00
Event location: 
Main Seminar Room, David Attenborough Building