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Conservation Research Institute

In our upcoming Tuesday group meeting we will be discussing two Global Change Biology papers on soil carbon dynamics that came out earlier this week, Mitchell et al. (2021) and O'Bryan et al. (2021), linked below.
Important constraints on soil organic carbon formation efficiency in subtropical and tropical grasslands
Mitchell, E., Scheer, C., Rowlings, D., Cotrufo, M. F., Conant, R. T., & Grace, P.
Unrecognized threat to global soil carbon by a widespread invasive species
O’Bryan, C. J., Patton, N. R., Hone, J., Lewis, J. S., Berdejo‐Espinola, V., Risch, D. R., ... & McDonald‐Madden, E.
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Meeting ID: 538 535 8684

Passcode: 2020DABPSD 
As always, a deep dive into the papers is encouraged, but feel free to come along for the discussion even if you only spent 5 minutes reading the abstracts.
Tuesday, 27 July, 2021 - 14:00