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Conservation Research Institute

We are delighted to welcome Prof Wang Jianjun from the Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to share his research findings. Details of the talk are captioned below. 
Microbial biodiversity on mountainsides: From observations to experiments
Microbial biodiversity is a key component in mountainous environments, and its elevational patterns and responses to environmental changes have been explored in the past decade. Compared to well-known elevational patterns of macroorganisms like plants and animals, the study of microorganisms is still at the initial stage and fails to find similar elevational patterns to macroorganisms. In this presentation, I will present two study cases via field observations and field experiments.
(1) I will introduce a U-shaped elevational pattern in beta diversity (that is, local contributions to beta diversity) generally observed in the field for stream organisms of bacteria, diatoms and macroinvertebrates.
(2) I will further show the effects of temperature and nutrient enrichment on bacterial biodiversity observed via field experiments with aquatic microcosms deployed on the mountainsides in Norway and China.

Zoom information

Meeting ID: 538 535 8684

Passcode: 2020DABPSD

Tuesday, 4 May, 2021 - 14:00