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Despite our best efforts, most of us are likely to experience failure at some point.

While nobody likes to fail, how we deal with failure can make an enormous difference to our eventual results.

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) Embracing Failures Project is a collaborative initiative working to identify practical steps for improving learning from failure in conservation.

To close out this project, CCI is hosting a webinar series to present the main findings of Embracing Failures, showcase other initiatives working to improve learning from failure and engage participants in a discussion around the practical steps that all those involved in the delivery of conservation action can take to fully “embrace” failure as an essential part of the learning process.

We encourage you to come to as many of these webinars as you can. The webinars have been scheduled so that attendees in most time zones will be able to attend at least one session within or close to normal working hours. Attendance is not dependent on your attendance at any of the previous sessions. All webinars will be recorded and available to download for all those who register for at least one webinar.

If you have any questions or would like any further information please contact

We hope you will be able to make it,

Wednesday 3rd Feb 2021 16:00 GMT Register for Webinar 2

Wednesday, 3 February, 2021 - 16:00