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Conservation Research Institute


In this Tuesday's group meeting, we are delighted to have Hannah Griffiths from the University of Bristol to give a talk, details as follows:

The impact of termites on soil processes, ecosystem resilience and carbon flux in tropical rainforest

Microbes are considered by many as the primary agents of decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems: a view that is largely based on studies carried out in temperate regions. However, in this talk, I will demonstrate the major contributions that termites make to decomposition and soil processes in tropical rainforest and the impact of termite-mediated processes on ecosystem resilience and forest carbon flux.

As usual, the meeting will be held at 4pm UK time.

Zoom details


Meeting ID: 538 535 8684

Passcode: 2020DABPSD

Tuesday, 13 April, 2021 - 16:00