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Developing a Toolkit for Mapping and Deliberating Values for Uplands Management

Land uses in the UK uplands can become contested and may develop into conflicts, perhaps particularly when conservation stakeholders are involved. In light of various new priorities and policies for the uplands, there is a need for approaches that can help stakeholders to develop mutual understanding and deliberate key contentious issues. This talk describes the work of my UKRI Landscape Decisions Fellowship, in which I am developing what I have entitled the ‘MApping and DEliberating Values for Uplands management’ (MADEVU) toolkit. The concept behind this work is the development of a tool that stakeholders working in partnership in an upland setting could use to understand the various positions held by relevant parties about planned land use changes. Following the process of mapping out stakeholder perspectives, the work will go on to involve workshops, set up such that the issues revealed to be contentious could be deliberated, with a view to potentially resolving conflict, or at least negotiating compromise and settling difference. I build on some ideas developed with the ‘Group and Organisation Future of Conservation Survey’ (GO-FOX) collaboration, and integrate ideas from land use conflicts research and work on conflict amelioration more generally. The talk describes the background, early work and tool development and the preparation of two case studies in the Scottish highlands and lowlands in which the process will be piloted and iterated.


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Tuesday, 15 June, 2021 - 13:00