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Conservation Research Institute


In this Thursday's weekly networking session, we will be joined by Dr Andrew Plumptre from the Key Biodiversity Area Secretariat.  In this session, Dr Andrew will discuss his research, current project and report: Just 3% of Earth’s land ecosystems remain intact – but we can change that

As Head of the KBA Secretariat, Dr Andrew Plumptre helps the KBA Committee implement the KBA Programme. The KBA Programme aims to identify, map, delineate and secure sites that are globally important for the persistence of biodiversity around the World. Key actions include; supporting the development of the World Database of KBAs, developing training and communications materials, engaging governments, donors and the business community to make them aware of and encouraging them to conserve KBAs, supporting KBA National Coordination Groups to identify and delineate KBAs, and promoting the monitoring and conservation of KBAs. 

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Meeting ID: 878 3981 3735

Thursday, 6 May, 2021 - 11:00