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Conservation Research Institute


Have you ever wondered what kind of beetle is buzzing at your window? The name of the furry little creature burrowing beneath your garden? The species of bird that guides your daily walk with a happy little tune?

Welcome to our exciting morning of Citizen Science on Saturday 27th March from 10am - 12pm. This is an exciting way for you to contribute to conservation in the UK from the comfort of your home.

Before the Event

From the 20th – 26th March we would love for you to share your wildlife observations using iRecord. Once you’re logged in you can add your own images for other to see, as well as look at what other people have recorded. We’ll send you the details on how to use iRecord once you have registered for the event.

On the Day

On Saturday 27th March join us for the online event between 10am-12pm when we will show you how to use iRecord in a little more detail and look at some of the species you have uploaded. We will be joined by wildlife experts Professor David Coomes, Director of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute, Brian Eversham, CEO Wildlife BCN, Matthew Hayes (Department of Zoology) and Chantal Helm, (Cambridge University Botanic Garden)

We can’t wait to see what you have found in your gardens, homes and on local walks. Send them in and we’ll try and get through as many as we can on the day.