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Conservation Research Institute


CCI Priority Area Project

CCI have identified four priority areas which will form the focus of their efforts over the next ten years. They are consulting the whole CCI community to gather ideas for projects which can address these areas. As such we are soliciting ideas from across UCCRI to feed into the wider process. These project ideas will be discussed by the four Priority Area working groups and then put forward to CCI. CCI plans to present the strongest of these ideas to major external funders,

Below is a copy of the new CCI strategy, a summary of the priority areas and their key aims. All projects must involve at least three CCI partners (plus potentially external collaborators) – and all should help to deliver one or more of the key ambitions within this area of the strategy. All ideas are welcome, however undeveloped, as long as they have clear links to CCI’s Priority Areas and involve a collaborative approach. We’re looking for a wide variety of projects in terms of total cost, so anything from five figures to seven figures is fine. And we’re also looking for a wide variety in terms of geographic location and scope, ranging from local through regional/national all the way up to multinational and even global.

CCI have asked us to use the following Google Form to capture potential project information As you will see very little information is required, so if you want more background information please contact the university representative(s) for the Priority Area you interested in

Deadline for submission of ideas is Friday 23rd July