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Zoology's Dr Andrew Bladon has worked with RSPB conservation scientists to explore how much bird-friendly agri-environment management is needed to stabilise or reverse farmland bird declines. Agricultural intensification is a major driver of global biodiversity decline. In Europe, farmers are financially incentivised to create wildlife friendly habitats through agri-environment schemes (AES), the main mechanism for addressing these declines. This study demonstrates that AES can halt farmland bird declines across the wider farmed landscape, but sufficient deployment – both at the farm and landscape scale – are required.

RSPB report:

How much agri-environment provision is required to reverse farmland bird declines? - Saving Nature With Science - Our work - The RSPB Community


Reversing declines in farmland birds: How much agri‐environment provision is needed at farm and landscape scales? - Sharps - Journal of Applied Ecology - Wiley Online Library