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Mammal Mapper

The Mammal Society have an app you can use to record, identify and track mammals. Most UK mammals are poorly recorded so all data is important, even if it's just the mice in your garden! 

Most wild mammals, including rabbits and iconic species like hedgehogs and mountain hares, are very poorly monitored. This makes it difficult to know which regions or habitats are most important for them, or to detect changes in their ranges and population sizes. As such, all of the records that you submit through the app are very important in helping us to understand the distribution, abundance and conservation status of British mammals.

Mammal Mapper is an app that has been designed to enable you to record signs and sightings of mammals in the UK. Mammals can be recorded along a route whilst you’re walking/running/cycling or even a passenger in a car, or as one off sightings, for example a hedgehog in your garden.