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Conservation Research Institute


We are delighted to launch our Conservation Research Institute Summer 2021 Studentship open to undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. We have a total of 10 great projects which will take place in July or August 2021 and will last for one month. These projects are only open to undergraduate students from the University of Cambridge.

Project 1: Biodiversity, Forest Management and REDD+ 2021 
Supervisors: Dr Valerie Kapos (UNEP WCMC) and Professor Bhaskar Vira 

Project 2: Should we standardise reporting in agricultural studies, and if so, how?
Supervisors: Professor William Sutherland and Dr Amelia Hood 

Project 3: Developing Biodiversity Action Plans for Coton and Wandlebury Reserves, with Cambridge Past, Present & Future
Supervisors: Dr Cicely Marshall  and Professor David Coomes 

Project 4 Conserving microbial biodiversity for healthy waters 
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Tanentzap and Dr Jeremy Fonvielle

Project 5: Assessing the views of the oil palm industry on sustainability practices, and their needs for evidence and guidance 
Supervisors: Dr Edgar Turner, Dr Sarah Luke, and Michael Pashkevich 

Project 6: Assessing the impacts of Covid-19 on-field centres around the world 
Supervisors: Dr Sarah Luke and Dr Edgar Turner  

Project 7: (July Only) Promoting the uptake of new guidelines for the socially responsible use of conservation monitoring technology
Supervisors: Dr Chris Sandbrook, Doug Clark and Steph O'Donnell 

Project 8: Managing woodlands as Natural Climate Solutions (includes a field component)
Supervisors: Professor David Coomes and Dr Edmund Tanner 

Project 9: (July Only) Investigating alternative scenarios for the sustainable post-covid recovery of the nature-based tourism industry in small island states
Supervisors: Dr Chris Sandbrook and Dr Sophia Cooke

Project 10: Assessing the effects of forest harvest on natural climate solutions
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Tanentzap and Erika C. Freeman