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UCCRI Publications

A spatially-resolved inventory analysis of the water consumed by the coal-to-gas transition of Pennsylvania

Poorer without It? The Neglected Role of the Natural Environment in Poverty and Wellbeing

Why is China's wind power generation not living up to its potential?

One hundred priority questions for landscape restoration in Europe

Publishing social science research in Conservation Biology to move beyond biology

Trait evolution, resource specialization and vulnerability to plant extinctions among Antillean hummingbirds

The environmental and social impacts of protected areas and conservation concessions in South America

Airborne laser scanning of natural forests in New Zealand reveals the influences of wind on forest carbon

Successful conservation of global waterbird populations depends on effective governance

Where are commodity crops certified, and what does it mean for conservation and poverty alleviation?

Endemic trees in a tropical biodiversity hotspot imperilled by an invasive tree

Phylogenetic classification of the world’s tropical forests

The effect of vegetation height and biomass on the sediment budget of a European saltmarsh

Mussels can both outweigh and interact with the effects of terrestrial to freshwater resource subsidies on littoral benthic communities

Meta-analysis of livelihood impacts of payments for environmental services programmes in developing countries

Exploring the spatialities of technological and user re-scripting: the case of decision support tools in UK agriculture

A 2018 horizon scan of emerging issues for global conservation and biological diversity

Qualitative methods for ecologists and conservation scientists

Comparison of techniques for eliciting views and judgements in decision‐making

Evidence-Based Synopsis of Interventions, a New Tool in Primate Conservation and Research

We are one of CCI's ten conservation partners based in Cambridge, UK.

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About Us

UCCRI is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre, with a network of over 150 researchers from all 6 Schools of the University of Cambridge. The Institute supports multidisciplinary research on biodiversity conservation and the social context within which humans engage with nature. It works from a base in the David Attenborough Building, which is designed to enhance collaboration and the sharing of perspectives across organisational and disciplinary boundaries. Find out more...

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