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A lifelong interest in Diptera (flies, midges and gnats), especially their interactions with other organisms. I was formerly a medical entomologist in Belize (British Honduras) and Cameroon. I subsequently became interested in British Diptera, especially Meniscus Midges and Trickle Midges. I then became preoccupied (obsessed?) with Scuttle Flies. I am thus an ecologist who turned taxonomist, but now uses taxonomy as the means of being in a position to publish novel data on the natural history of scuttle flies. My main focus is now on the natural histories of the Phoridae of the world, with particular attention to those associated with social insects. Much of my work is summarised in Disney, R. H. L., 1994. Scuttle Flies: The Phoridae. London, Chapman & Hall. xii + 467pp. All this work involves much fundamental taxonomic work, as most species remain unknown to science. Much of my work is in collaboration with field workers around the world. One needs nine lives to be an entomologist - but one is never bored!


Key publications: 

Disney, R. H. L., 1968a. Observations on a zoonosis: Leishmaniasis in British Honduras. Journal of Applied Ecology 5: 1-59.

Disney, R. H. L., 1971a. Association between blackflies (Simuliidae) and prawns (Atyidae), with a discussion of the phoretic habit in Simuliids. Journal of Animal Ecolology 40: 83-92.

Disney, R. H. L., 1986g. Assessments using invertebrates: posing the problem. Chapter 12: 271-293. In Usher, M. B. (Ed.). Wildlife Conservation Evaluation. Chapman and Hall, London. 394pp.  ISBN 0 412 26750 0.

Disney, R. H. L., 1994d. Scuttle Flies: The Phoridae. London, Chapman & Hall. xii + 467 pp. ISBN 0 412562520 X. [Archived by Springer Book Archives -]

Disney, R. H. L., 1999c. British Dixidae (Meniscus Midges) and Thaumaleidae (Trickle Midges): Keys with Ecological Notes. Freshwater Biological  Association, Scientific Publications 56: 1-129.  ISBN 0 900386 60 6.

Senior Research Associate

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Room 118, Austin Building, New Museum Site
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