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Conservation Research Institute

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Clare Davies

Claire's comes to the department after working at the National Trust for 18 months with the Visitor Experience Team at the Ickworth Estate, Bury St Edmunds. Previously she worked for many years in corporate events both in the UK and Internationally for most of the FTSE top 100 companies. She ran her own Events Production company for several years and she has also worked in Television and Marketing.

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Dr Sarah Scott

Sarah is a Royal Society-Newton International Fellow joining Dr. Lynn Dicks Agroecology group. She is a pollinator ecologist and toxicologist broadly interested in how pollinators respond to different chemical stressors. Her current research focuses on the impacts of environmental heavy metal contamination on the health, behavior, and physiology of bumblebees.

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Ashley Hoblyn

Ashley Hoblyn is an MPhil student in Cambridge University's Aquatic Ecology Group. Her research interests lie in the field of biological invasions in freshwater ecosystems and their impact on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Currently, her research is centered on the invasion of North American Signal Crayfish in Cambridgeshire's chalk streams and its effects on taxonomic diversity and turbidity.

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Jacqui Anne Susan James

Jacqui James' research interests are centered on understanding the interactions between plants and pollinators, examining how these interactions are affected by land use and climate change, and assessing the consequences of these changes for the survival of species and the sustained functioning of ecosystems. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Botany and Entomology as well as her Honours degree in Botany from Rhodes University, South Africa.

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Francisco d'Albertas Gomes de Carvalho