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Dr Florian Zellweger

Departments and Institutes

Plant Sciences:

Research Interests

I am interested in the spatial and temporal dynamics of forest biodiversity and how species distributions and habitat use are affected by 3-D habitat structure. We are currently investigating how forest microclimate affects plant biodiversity dynamics and how we can quantify and map forest microclimate with remote sensing tools.

Key Publications

Froidevaux, J.S.P.*, Zellweger, F.*, Bollmann, K., Jones, G. & Obrist, M.K. (2016) From field surveys to LiDAR: Shining a light on how bats respond to forest structure. Remote Sensing of Environment, 175, 242-250. *Equally contributing authors.

Milanesi, P., Holderegger, R., Bollmann, K., Gugerli, F. & Zellweger, F. (2017) Three-dimensional habitat structure and landscape genetics: a step forward in estimating functional connectivity. Ecology, 98, 393-402.

Zellweger, F., Baltensweiler, A., Ginzler, C., Roth, T., Braunisch, V., Bugmann, H. & Bollmann, K. (2016) Environmental predictors of species richness in forest landscapes: abiotic factors versus vegetation structure. Journal of Biogeography, 43, 1080-1090.

Zellweger, F., Braunisch, V., Baltensweiler, A. & Bollmann, K. (2013) Remotely sensed forest structural complexity predicts multi species occurrence at the landscape scale. Forest Ecology and Management, 307, 303-312.

Zellweger, F., Roth, T., Bugmann, H. & Bollmann, K. (2017) Beta diversity of plants, birds and butterflies is closely associated with climate and habitat structure. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 26, 898-906.

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