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Conservation Research Institute

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Dr Hamidreza Rahimi

I hold a Ph.D. in Engineering with a specialization in Hydrology and Water Engineering, demonstrating expertise in hydraulic and fluid mechanics.

My primary research interest lies in flow modelling through vegetation, while remaining open to diverse aspects within the broader field of water-related studies.


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Lillian Diana Nicole Bixler

Throughout the summer of 2023, Lillian took on the role of website manager for CRI & CLR through TES, initiating an extensive revamp of both websites. This engagement transitioned into a part-time position as Communications Coordinator for both entities.

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Giovanny Perez

I’m originally from Colombia. I got a degree on Biology and a masters in Ecology. Currently, I’m doing my second year as a PhD Student at The University of Sheffield and starting as a Visiting Student at the Department of Plant Sciences in Cambridge. 

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Sarayu Manoj

Sarayu Manoj is a research assistant situated within the Department of Plant Sciences. Having completed an MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2023, her expertise revolves around exploring the nexus between economics and climate change mitigation. Her research pursuits primarily center on life-cycle analyses and the economic dimensions associated with agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

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Dr Courtney Currier

Dr. Courtney Currier has recently become a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Plant Sciences, collaborating with Dr. Adam Pellegrini and his Disturbance and Ecosystem Function group. This partnership, supported by a European Research Council grant awarded to Dr. Pellegrini, is dedicated to investigating the global-scale impacts of fire and grazing management on soil carbon sequestration in drylands. Dr.

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Dr Laurie Friday

Laurie studied Natural Sciences (Zoology) at Clare College, Cambridge, before taking a PhD in freshwater ecology at the University of Exeter.

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Xinran Miao

I obtained a Bachelor's degree with Honors (Ecology and Environmental Sciences) at the Australian National University. My Honors research is a meta-analysis to explore the biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by native forests restored by multiple approaches. Prior to my Ph.D.