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Professor of Coastal Dynamics, Director of Cambridge Coastal Research Unit and Professorial Fellow, Magdalene College


Physical geography at the interface between geomorphology and the geological and biological sciences, with particular reference to coral reefs and associated ecosystems (seagrass, mangroves) and coastal geomorphology.

Earth and Environmental Systems: Processes and Change - Monitoring and Modelling Environmental Processes

Hydrodynamics, sedimentation, ecological processes in temperate tidal wetlands and mangrove swamps; estuarine hydro- and morpho-dynamics; coastal zone management with particular reference to global environmental change.

Earth and Environmental Systems: Processes and Change - Environmental Change

Global environmental change in the ocean basins, including large-scale coral bleaching dynamics in the western Indian Ocean and sea-level changes on Pacific Ocean islands. Vulnerability of coastal wetlands to sea level rise, at global and regional scales.

Spatial Processes and Earth Observation - Earth Observation

Visualising the annual to decadal evolution of large-scale coastal morphology and sediment dynamics. Multi-spectral scanner technology to assess the stability of major European estuaries. The use of digital videography for coral reef monitoring. Terrestrial laser-scanning at the coast.


Key publications: 

Spencer, T., Möller, I., Rupprecht, F., Bouma, T.J., van Wesenbeeck, B.K., Kudella, M., Paul, M., Jensen, K., Wolters, G., Miranda-Lange, M. and Schimmels, S., 2016. Salt marsh surface survives true-to-scale simulated storm surges. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 41, p.543-552. doi:10.1002/esp.3867.

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Spencer, T., Brooks, S.M., Evans, B.R., Tempest, J.A. and Möller, I., 2015. Southern North Sea storm surge event of 5 December 2013: Water levels, waves and coastal impacts. Earth-Science Reviews, v. 146, p.120-145. doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2015.04.002.

Brooks, S.M. and Spencer, T., 2012. Shoreline retreat and sediment release in response to accelerating sea level rise: Measuring and modelling cliffline dynamics on the Suffolk Coast, UK. GLOBAL PLANET CHANGE, v. 80-81, p.165-179. doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2011.10.008.


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Viles, H. and Spencer, T., 1995. Coastal problems: geomorphology, ecology and society at the coast.

Professor of Coastal Dynamics
Director of Cambridge Research Unit and Professorial Fellow

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Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, Downing Place
01223 333350


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Storm surge
climate change