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Tom Bunting

Tom is a PhD candidate in the Conservation and Development Lab, part of the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, under the supervision of Prof. Rachael Garrett. His research investigates how critical ecosystem assets can be leveraged to help agricultural producers adapt to climate-related challenges in the Amazon and Cerrado Regions of Brazil.

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Dr Jakub Kronenberg

Dr. Jakub Kronenberg, an ecological economist, specializes in the investigation of environmental values and the institutional context of nature conservation, with a specific focus on urban green spaces and avian species. His work delves into critical issues associated with the neoliberal governance of nature, providing fresh insights into the The Conservation Research Institute's (CRI) "Values of nature" key research theme.

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Dr Joss Lyons-White

Joss Lyons-White is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Conservation and Development Group at the University of Cambridge. His research is primarily centered around the issue of tropical deforestation, which is primarily driven by the expanding production of agricultural commodities, such as palm oil. Of particular interest to him is the role that private-sector commitments to "zero deforestation" play in this complex problem.

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Carmyn De Jonge