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Research Support Service

UCCRI can provide various research support to academics and graduates working in conservation research across the University.

Peer reviews for proposals

This is a service for researchers to discuss their grant proposals so they can be provided with an initial peer review and advice before submitting to funders. If you would like to submit a proposal, please upload and submit our online formFor a list of reviewers please see members of the Conservation Working Group.

Grant writing workshops

If you would like to set up a workshop specifically related to a conservation related theme, please submit an online form, and UCCRI would be happy to set this up for you. UCCRI has a number of experienced facilitators who are able to provide these workshop and we are also, if requested, able to provide a venue.

Co-ordinating and facilitating cross-Cambridge bids

An online form is available for anyone with a suggestion for collaboration and/or a specific funding opportunity, which UCCRI will facilitate by searching for researchers with similar interests, convening and setting up meeting(s) and supporting any bids that may arise.

Support for open access publications

UCCRI has developed an agreement with Open Book Publishers, to publish interdisciplinary research on conservation in open access formats. If you have any edited volumes and monographs you would like to see published, and we would be happy to support the development of your ideas and in discussions with Open Book. 

Public engagement and communications support

UCCRI can provide a public engagement service and liaison with the University to help promote research impact for researchers from within the University’s conservation community. UCCRI works with the Office of External Affairs and Communications and regular participates in the major University festivals. If you would like to set up a conservation-related event, by email and we will be in touch to discuss further.

Research Workshops

UCCRI regularly hosts specifically themed research workshops,  linking up academics across the University (and, where needed with CCI and other external partners) and following these up with further meetings in an attempt to support funding proposal and research ideas. If you would like to propose a workshop or arrange cross-University bid please complete the online form.

Joint events with other University initiatives and networks

UCCRI actively works to raise awareness of conservation by collaborating with other initiatives and networks where there are overlaps. If you would like to explore collaborations within the University, and we would be happy to help set these up.  

CCI Collaborative Fund

As one of CCI's partners, along with nine conservation NGOs, we encourage academic conservation-related researchers across the University to apply for the annual CCI Collaborative Fund.  If you would like to discuss your ideas for an application and would like to learn more about the possible collaborations with the other CCI partners, and we would be happy to facilitate.

Funding Opportunities

UCCRI provides regular online information of current funding opportunities, drawing information from the University Research Strategy Office and Research Professional databases. You can find these in the UCCRI newsletter.