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Dr Liz Watson

Livelihoods in dryland environments; coping with risk and uncertainty; institutions for natural resources management (NRM), and their social, cultural and political dynamics; Horn of Africa

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Key Publications

Harrison EA, Watson EE. Mind the Gap: Disciplinary Dissonance, Gender, and the Environment. Society and Natural Resources 25(9):933-944 2012 (Journal article)   
Watson EE, Watson EE. Religion and Climate Change in Northern Kenya: New Moral Frameworks for New Environmental Challenges?. Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Society 6(3):319-343 2012 (Journal article)
Watson EE. A ohardening of lineso: landscape, religion and identity in northern Kenya. J EAST AFR STUD 4(2):201-220 2010 (Journal article)   
Schlee G, Watson EE. Changing identifications and alliances in North-East Africa: Volume II: Sudan, Uganda, and the Ethiopia-Sudan Borderlands. 270 pages. Oct 2009 (Book)
Gildenhard I, Revermann M. Introduction. 1-35. 2010 (Chapter)
Watson EE, Schlee G. Changing identifications and alliances in North-East Africa: Volume I: Ethiopia and Kenya. 304 pages. Aug 2009 (Book)
Watson EE. Living terraces in Ethiopia. 242 pages. James Currey Ltd Aug 2009 (Book)
Watson EE. Debates over culture in Konso since Decentralization (1991). In Changing identifications and alliances in North-East Africa, Volume I: Ethiopia and Kenya. Editors: Schlee G, Watson EE. 173-190. Berghahn Books, Oxford Aug 2009 (Chapter)
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Watson EE. The shock doctrine: The rise of disaster capitalism. GEOGR J 174:286-287 Sep 2008 (Journal article)
Watson EE. Culture and Conservation in Post-conflict Africa: Changing Attitudes and Approaches. In Culture and development in a globalizing world. Editors: Radcliffe SA. 58-82. 30 Mar 2006 (Chapter)
Black R, Watson E. Local community, legitimacy, and cultural authenticity in postconflict natural resource management: Ethiopia and Mozambique. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 24(2):263-282 Jan 2006 (Journal article)   
Watson EE. Making a living in the postsocialist periphery: Struggles between farmers and traders in Konso, Ethiopia. AFRICA 76(1):70-87 2006 (Journal article)   
Gelcich S, Edwards-Jones G, Kaiser MJ, Watson E. Using discourses for policy evaluation: The case of marine common property rights in Chile. Society and Natural Resources 18(4):377-391 2005 (Journal article)   
Watson EE. 'What a dolt one is': language learning and fieldwork in geography. AREA 36(1):59-68 Mar 2004 (Journal article)  
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Watson EE. Examining the potential of indigenous institutions for development: A perspective from Borana, Ethiopia. DEV CHANGE 34(2):287-309 Apr 2003 (Journal article)   
Adams WM, Watson EE. Soil erosion, indigenous irrigation and environmental sustainability, Marakwet, Kenya. LAND DEGRAD DEV 14(1):109-122 Jan 2003 (Journal article)   
Watson EE. Capturing a local elite: The Konso honeymoon. In Remapping Ethiopia: Socialism and After. Editors: James W, Donham D, Triulzi A, Kurimoto E. 198-218. Ohio University Press Sep 2002 (Chapter)
Watson EE, Adams WM, Mutiso SK. Indigenous irrigation, agriculture and development, Marakwet, Kenya. GEOGR J164:67-84 Mar 1998 (Journal article)   
Adams WM, Watson EE, Mutiso SK. Water, rules and gender: Water rights in an indigenous irrigation system, Marakwet, Kenya. DEV CHANGE 28(4):707-730 Oct 1997 (Journal article)   
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