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Conservation Research Institute


Online workshop:

Delivering the effectiveness revolution in conservation: lessons from organisations, policy makers and funders.

This is a joint meeting of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, Conservation Evidence, Traffic and US Fish and Wildlife Service. 

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There is a revolution in the use of evidence with increasing demands for more effective practice from policy makers and funders and philanthropists; AI is likely to transform this further. This workshop provides the opportunity to learn about the lessons, advantages and challenges of embedding evidence into practice and discuss future opportunities.  



1.     What are the advantages to practitioners of embedding evidence for effectiveness and funding?

2.     What are the experiences of those who routinely embed evidence into practice? 

3.     What innovations are being discussed?

4.     How can funders and philanthropists make more of a difference?

5.     What are the lessons from organisations who have changed their culture to become evidence-based?

6.     How can we ensure evidence is embedded in delivering the Global Biodiversity Framework?

7.     What needs to be done next?

Tuesday, 25 June, 2024 - 10:00 to 17:45
Event location: