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Professor Bill Adams

Professor Bill Adams

Moran Professor of Conservation and Development

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

 I am chiefly interested in understanding why conservationists do what they do, and what happens when they do it.  

Key Publications

Adams, W.M., Hodge, I.D and Sandbrook, L. (2014) ‘New Spaces for Nature: the re-territorialization of biodiversity conservation under neoliberalism in the UK’, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 39: 574-588.

Adams, W.M. (2016) ‘Geographies of conservation 1: de-extinction and precision conservation’, Progress in Human Geography 36(5): 593–612

Adams, W.M., Hodge, I.D., Macgregor, N.A. and Sandbrook, L. (2016) ‘Creating restoration landscapes: partnerships in large-scale conservation in the UK’ Ecology and Society 21 (3):1. [online] URL:

Adams, W.M. (2016) ‘Do you speak lion?’, Science 353 (6302): 867-868

Apostolopoulou, E. and Adams, W.M. (2017)  ‘Cutting nature to fit: Urbanization, neoliberalism and biodiversity offsetting in England’, Geoforum,

Photo: Martin Sharman

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