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Conservation Research Institute


UCCRI has a network of over 150 people working around conservation, from all 6 schools of the University of Cambridge.

Use this A-Z to find members of the UCCRI network by surname. You can also browse for members by research theme.

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Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Helena Alves-Pinto Visiting PhD Student
Emeritus Professor Bill Adams 01223 333363 Moran Professor of Conservation and Development
Corinna Alberg Programme Coordinator
Professor David Aldridge 01223 (3)34436 Professor in Aquatic Ecology
Dr Tatsuya Amano Visitor (Postdoc at CSER)
Professor Laura Diaz Anadon Professor of Climate Change Policy
Dr Elia Apostolopoulou University Lecturer
Professor Andrew Balmford 01223 (3)31770 Professor of Conservation Science
Soumya Banerjee Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Francoise Barbira-Freedman Fellow, Clare Hall
Professor Richard S K Barnes Research Fellow, Professor at Rhodes University in South Africa , Associate Professor in the University of Queensland
Harriet Bartlett PhD Student
Dr Jenny Bavidge Senior Lecturer in English Literature
Emeritus Professor Tim Bayliss-Smith (01223 3) 38715 Professor of Pacific Geography
Dr Leon Bennun Visitor
Laura Bentley PhD Student
Dr Andrew Bladon Postdoctoral Research Associate
Boris Bongalov PhD Student
Peadar Brehony PhD Student
Josh Brian PhD Student
Dr Peter Carey 01223 333900 Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Rachel Carmenta 01223 333389 Lecturer in Climate Change and International Development, University of East Anglia
Josie Chambers 01223 - 333399 Postdoctoral Fellow
Han Cheng PhD Candidate
Dr Paul Chirico Senior Tutor
Alec Christie PhD Student
Lydia Collas PhD Student
Professor Stephen Connor Director of CRASSH, Grace 2 Professor of English
Dr Sophia Cooke Research Associate
Professor David A Coomes 01223 333911 Director of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute, Head of Forest Ecology and Conservation Group
Roberto Correa PhD Student
Rosy Cousins Graduate Researcher
Dr Meredith Crowley Reader in International Economics
Dr Helen Anne Curry Senior Lecturer
Francisco d'Albertas Gomes de Carvalho Visiting PhD Student
Catrin Darsley Sustainability Programme Manager, David Attenborough Building
Carmyn De Jonge 01223 760559 Institute Administrator
Dr Lynn Dicks University Lecturer in Animal Ecology
Dr Henry Disney 01223 (3)36654 Senior Research Associate
Anya Doherty Graduate Researcher
Valerio Donfrancesco
Dr Harriet Downey Research Associate
Dr Lydia Drumright +44(0)1223 330 159 University Lecturer in Clinical Informatics
Charles Emogor PhD Student
Philip Erm PhD Student
Dr Andrew Friend Reader in Earth Systems Science
Dr Simon Frost Reader in Pathogen Dynamics
Jennifer Gabrys Chair in Media, Culture and Environment
Clara Galeazzi PhD Student
Dr Emma Garnett Prince of Wales Junior Research Fellow
Dr Jonas Geldmann +44 7412885112 Research Fellow
Prem Singh Gill PhD Candidate , BAS Early Career Researcher (ECR) Diversity Champion
Professor Beverley Glover 01223 333938 Director of Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Lucy Goodman PhD Student, ESRC scholar
Shireen Green
Professor Rhys Green 01223 (7)62840 Honorary Professor of Conservation Science
Professor Lindsay Greer Professor of Materials Science
Alejandro Guizar Coutiño PhD Student
Lisa Harris Programme Administrator, Conservation Leadership MPhil
Professor Ian Hodge (01223) 337134 Professor of Rural Economy
Dr Jennifer Howard-Grenville +44 (0)1223 765363 Director of the Doctoral Programme
Dr Fangyuan Hua Newton International Fellow
Dr Javier Igea 01223 (7)48982 Post Doctoral Research Associate
Katy Jeary PhD Student
Dr Stephen John Lecturer
Dr Alison Johnston Ecological statistician
Thea Jung PhD Candidate
Tim Kasoar PhD Student
Sacha Khoury PhD Student
Professor Andreas Kontoleon (01223) 339773 Professor of Environmental Economics and Public Policy
Professor Zoe Kourtzi +44 (0)1223 (7)66558 Professor of Experimental Psychology
Dr Eszter Krasznai Kovacs 01223 - 333399 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Martina Kunz
Aileen Lam CEENRG Researcher
Dr Shaun Larcom (01223) 337131 University Lecturer in Environmental Economics and Policy
Professor Nigel Leader-Williams 01223 333397 Director, MPhil in Conservation Leadership
Dr Emma Lees (01223) 768417 University Lecturer
Dr Nick Littlewood Research Associate
Paul Lohmann PhD Student
Dr Sarah Luke 01223 (7)65409 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Rogelio Luque-Lora PhD Candidate
Douglas MacFarlane PhD Candidate
Dr Cicely Marshall Research Fellow
Dr Philip Martin Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Mike Maunder Executive Director
Elizabeth Mayhew Endangered Landscapes Programme Assistant
Arlie McCarthy PhD Student
Dr Jing Meng Research Fellow
Dr Emily So Meng University Senior Lecturer
Dr Jean-Francois Mercure Assistant Professor in Energy, Climate And Innovation at Radboud University, The Netherlands, Research Fellow, Cambridge Centre for Energy, Environment and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG)
Charlotte Milbank Postgraduate student in Epidemiology and Geography
Eleanor Miller PhD Student
Dr Iris Moeller 01223 333353 University Lecturer
Dr Nibedita Mukherjee Academic Visitor
Dr Hannah Mumby Junior Research Fellow
Gordana Najdanovic Head of Partnership Development
Alasdair Neilson PhD Student
Hawa Newell-Sydique Research and Communications Manager
Chioma Vivian Ngonadi PhD Student
Matheus Nunes 01223 (7)64736 Postgraduate Student
Tobias Ochieng Nyumba PhD Student
Dr Nancy Ockendon Science Coordinator, Endangered Landscapes Programme
Chloe Orland PhD Student
Professor David Owen Professor of Structural and Molecular Biology
Dr Maria Augusta Paim Research Associate
Dr Arnas Palaima Marie Curie Fellow in Ecological Economics
Dr Yuan Pan Research Associate
Charlotte Payne PhD Student
Dr Adam Pellegrini Lecturer
Dr Cristina Peñasco 01223 332896 Post-doctoral Research Associate
Dr Silviu Petrovan Postdoc Research Associate
Professor Anna Philpott Professor of Cancer and Developmental Biology
Dr Andy Plumptre Key Biodiversity Areas Secretariat
Victoria Plutshack PhD Student
Dr Mike Rands Executive Director, Cambridge Conservation Initiative
Dr Jason Rentfrow +44 (0)1223 (7)67805 Reader in Personality and Individual Differences
Dr Jake Reynolds Director, Business and Policy Leaders Groups
Dr Ricardo Rocha Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Pablo Salas +44 1223 764 876 Centre Fellow
Dr Chris Sandbrook 01223 766574 Senior Lecturer in Conservation Leadership
Dr Ivan Scales 01223 338 374 Sir Harvey McGrath Lecturer
Dr Judith Schleicher Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Claudia Schneider Postdoctoral Research Associate
Professor Jim Secord Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
Dr Gorm Shackelford Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Longzhu Shen Research Associate
Trishant Simlai PhD Student
Benno Simmons PhD Student
Dr Rebecca Smith Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Conservation Science Group, Conservation Evidence Manager
Ida Sognnanes PhD Researcher
Professor Tom Spencer 01223 333350 Professor of Coastal Dynamics, Director of Cambridge Research Unit and Professorial Fellow
Professor William Sutherland 01223 (3)36686 Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology
Dr Tom Swinfield Post Doctoral Research Associate
Professor Andrew Tanentzap 01223 748982 Professor of Global Change Ecology
Feng Tang PhD Student
Dr Ed Tanner +44 (0)1223 333912 Senior Lecturer
Eleanor Tew PhD Student
Anne Thomas PhD Student
Constanza Toro-Valdivieso PhD Student
Kyaw Sein Win Tun PhD Student
Dr Edgar Turner University Lecturer and Curator of Insects
Dr Asaf Tzachor Research Associate, and Lead Researcher for Global Food Security
Dr Robyn J Veal Affiliate Scholar
Professor Jorge E. Viñuales Harold Samuel Professor of Law and Environmental Policy
Professor Bhaskar Vira 01223 339823 Head of Department of Geography, Founder of the Conservation Research Institute
Dr Piero Visconti Academic Visitor
Madison Vorva Earth Optimism Coordinator
Dr Anthony Waldron
Yifu Wang PhD Student
Dr Liz Watson 01223 333356 University Senior Lecturer
Hannah Wauchope PhD Student
David Willer PhD Student
Jon Williams PhD Student
Kate Willott Conservation Evidence Research Assistant/Administrator
Brett Wilson PhD Candidate
Karen Wong PhD Student
Professor James Wood Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine
Samuel Woodman PhD Student
Dr Claire Wordley 01223 (7) 68914 Research Associate
Dr Thomas Worthington Research Associate
Dr Julie G Zaehringer Postdoc
Dr Florian Zellweger Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Yan Zhang British Academy Research Fellow, Centre of Development Studies
Dr Yi Zhang Lab Manager