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Dr Aiora Zabala

Dr Aiora Zabala

Researcher and Teaching Fellow in Environmental Policy and Economics, Department of Land Economy and Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

Office Phone: +44(0)1223 764868


  • sustainable agriculture
  • Mexico
  • Environmental politics
  • Forest
  • policy
  • evidence-informed policy
  • Land use change
  • Spain

Key Publications

Researcher and Teaching Associate, previously Affiliated Lecturer in Environmental Economics and Policy Evaluation. With a background in environmental sciences and ecological economics, she has investigated various aspects of governance in the transition towards more sustainable systems, including the analysis of international negotiations on biodiversity, multi-criteria analysis of measures to promote sustainable transport, and evaluation of large scale environment and development policies.

  • Zabala, A., Pascual, U. 2016. Bootstrapping Q methodology to improve the understanding of human perspectives. PLoS One 11(2):e0148087.
  • Larcom, S., van Gevelt, T. and A. Zabala 2016. Precolonial institutions and deforestation in Africa. Land Use Policy 51: 150–161.
  • Zabala, A. 2014. qmethod: a package to explore human perspectives using Q methodology. The R Journal 6/2: 163–173. (open access)
  • Zabala, A. 2009. Walking the green carpet to work (A multi-criteria analysis of policy instruments towards sustainable transport) International Journal of Sustainable Development 12 (1): 78.
  • Scolobig, A, V Castán-Broto, and A Zabala. 2008. Integrating Multiple Perspectives in Social Multicriteria Evaluation of Flood-Mitigation Alternatives: The Case of Malborghetto-Valbruna. Environment and Planning C: Government & Policy 26 (6): 1143–1161

Recent projects:

  • Integration of perspectives into the UK Farmland Bird Index.
  • The fire and haze crisis in Indonesia: heterogeneous views about costs, benefits and solutions among stakeholders, in collaboration with University of Lancaster and CIFOR.
  • Scientific data visualisation series of events for conservation and environmental governance.
  • qmethod, software and visualisation of Q methodology data in R statistical language.
  • PhD thesis on incentives for the adoption of silvopasture in the tropical forest frontier, fully funded by the Department of Education of the Basque Government.