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Conservation Research Institute



I am an early career conservation researcher focused on understanding the status of plants in the wild. I work mostly in Central Asia, in the country of Kyrgyzstan, where I have carried out research on the wild apple species, Malus niedzwetzkyana. I am now, in collaboration with Fauna and Flora International, carrying out a PhD focused on understanding wild tulip diversity in Central Asia and how best to protect it. 


Plant conservationist interested in genetics, ecology, social sciences, and modelling. 


Key publications: 

Wilson, B., Mills, M., Kulikov, M., & Clubbe, C. (2019). The future of walnut–fruit forests in Kyrgyzstan and the status of the iconic Endangered apple Malus niedzwetzkyana. Oryx, 53(3), 415-423. doi:10.1017/S0030605318001230

Wilson, B., Beech, E., Window, J., Allen, D.J. and Rivers, M. (2019). European Red List of selected endemic shrubs. Brussels and Cambridge: IUCN. Available at:



Other publications: 

Contributed over 40 Red List reports to this publication: Rivers, M.C., Beech, E., Bazos, I., Bogunić, F., Buira, A., Caković, D., Carapeto, A., Carta, A., Cornier, B., Fenu, G., Fernandes, F., Fraga, P., Garcia Murillo, P.J., Lepší, M., Matevski, V., Medina, F.M., Menezes de Sequeira, M., Meyer, N., Mikoláš, V., Montagnani, C., Monteiro-Henriques, T., Naranjo Suárez, J., Orsenigo, S., Petrova, A., Reyes-Betancort, J.A., Rich, T., Salvesen, P.H., Santana López, I., Scholz, S., Sennikov, A., Shuka, L., Silva, L.F., Thomas, P., Troia, A., Villar, J.L. and Allen, D.J. (2019) European Red List of Trees. Cambridge, UK and Brussels, Belgium: IUCN. viii + 60pp.

Other Professional Activities

  • Carry out low level engagement work for team tulip. A collaboration between five organisations working on understanding and protecting tulip diversity. I work closely with the Fauna and Flora International social media team to produce relevant articles and pieces on this topic.

  • Part of the Imperial Lates; Science without borders programme presenting research carried out at Imperial College London to the general public.

  • Reviewer of the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society

  • IUCN Red List contributor

Geographical region

Central Asia
PhD Candidate


Departments and institutes: 
Research keywords: 
Climate Change
Conservation Biology
Genetic Resources
Landscape Ecology