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Conservation Research Institute


Research under this theme focuses on alternative landscape management approaches, ranging from strict protection of natural and semi-natural areas to conversion and intensified production in agricultural systems, and the implications of these alternatives for the conservation of biological diversity, livelihoods and wellbeing. Work includes a focus on institutions and governance regimes, and a recognition of the complex political economy of decision making in coupled social and ecological systems.


 Helena   Alves-Pinto
Professor in Aquatic Ecology
01223 (3)34436
Dr Tatsuya  Amano
Visitor (Postdoc at CSER)
Professor Laura Diaz Anadon
Professor of Climate Change Policy
Professor Andrew  Balmford
Professor of Conservation Science
01223 (3)31770
Professor Richard S K Barnes
Research Fellow
Professor at Rhodes University in South Africa
Associate Professor in the University of Queensland
 Harriet  Bartlett
PhD Student
Professor of Pacific Geography
(01223 3) 38715
Affiliated Lecturer
01223 333900
Dr Rachel  Carmenta
Lecturer in Climate Change and International Development, University of East Anglia
01223 333389
 Josie  Chambers
Postdoctoral Fellow
01223 - 333399
 Sophia  Cooke
Professor David A Coomes
Director of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute
Head of Forest Ecology and Conservation Group
01223 333911
Reader in Earth Systems Science
Prince of Wales Junior Research Fellow
Research Fellow
+44 7412885112
PhD Candidate
BAS Early Career Researcher (ECR) Diversity Champion
PhD Student
ESRC scholar
Professor Rhys  Green
Honorary Professor of Conservation Science
01223 (7)62840
Professor of Rural Economy
(01223) 337134
Newton International Fellow
Professor of Environmental Economics and Public Policy
(01223) 339773
Postdoctoral Research Associate
01223 (7)65409
Endangered Landscapes Programme Assistant
Dr Ricardo  Rocha
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Centre Fellow
+44 1223 764 876
Senior Lecturer in Conservation Leadership
01223 766574
Sir Harvey McGrath Lecturer
01223 338 374
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Conservation Science Group
Conservation Evidence Manager
Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology
01223 (3)36686
Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Andrew  Tanentzap
Professor of Global Change Ecology
01223 748982
University Lecturer and Curator of Insects
Research Associate, and Lead Researcher for Global Food Security
Head of Department of Geography
Founder of the Conservation Research Institute
01223 339823
Dr Yan  Zhang
British Academy Research Fellow, Centre of Development Studies