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Iris Dicke

I have a Bachelors in Biology (2005) as well as Religious Studies (2009), both from the University of Amsterdam. After my Bachelors I gained a masters degree in Environment and Resource Management (2008) at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. For my Master's thesis I researched the growth potential of a cacao company in Bolivia that worked in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. I am currently a policy advisor for the 'Party for the Animals' in the municipality of Amsterdam. The main focus of this political party is to improve animal rights, protect the environment and promote sustainable use of resources. As a policy advisor, I strive to make the city of Amsterdam more environmentally- and animal friendly. In the party's Nature Advisory Group, I've worked on drafting the party's political point of view on the state of Dutch nature and nature conservation for the elections program of 2012. During a traineeship at the Nicholas G. Pierson Foundation, I researched the role of a protein transition as part of the answer to the current ecological, biodiversity and food crises. My objective is to work on the large-scale implementation of payment for environmental services schemes to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems.


  • ecosystem services
  • food system
  • policy
  • degraded ecosystem,
  • agriculture