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Alison is an ecological statistician with broad interests in statistical methods for ecological data. Topics include citizen science, species distributions, population demographics and population trends.


Key publications: 

Johnston A, Fink D, Hochachka WM & Kelling S. (In press) Accounting for observer expertise improves ecological inference from citizen science data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Johnston A, Fink D, Reynolds MD, Hochachka WM, Sullivan BL, Bruns NE, Hallstein E, Merrifield MS, Matsumoto S & Kelling S. (2015) Abundance models improve spatial and temporal prioritization of conservation resources. Ecological Applications 25(7):1749-1756.

Johnston A, Thaxter CB, Austin GE, Cook ASCP, Humphreys EM, Still D, Mackay A, Irvine R, Webb A and Burton NHK. (2015) Modelling the abundance and distribution of marine birds accounting for uncertain species identification. Journal of Applied Ecology  52(1): 150-160.

Johnston A, Cook ASCP, Wright LJ, Humphreys EM & Burton NHK. (2014) Modelling flight heights of marine birds to more accurately assess collision risk with offshore wind turbines. Journal of Applied Ecology  51(1):31-41.

Johnston A, Ausden M, Dodd AM, Bradbury RB, Chamberlain DE, Jiguet F, Thomas CD, Cook ASCP, Newson SE, Ockendon N, Rehfisch MM, Roos S, Thaxter CB, Brown A, Crick HQP, Douse A, McCall RA, Pontier H, Stroud DA, Cadiou B, Crowe O, Deceuninck B, Hornman M & Pearce-Higgins JW. (2013) Observed and predicted effects of climate change on species abundance in protected areas. Nature Climate Change  3: 1055-1061.

Ecological statistician
Dr Alison  Johnston

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