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Dr. Palaima worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology at University of Mississippi, Advisor for Scientific Program and Innovations at Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (San Francisco), Project Coordinator at San Francisco State University, just to mention a few. In addition, as a former Director of the Ecological Economics Innovations Center at Berkeley, California, Dr. Palaima is a well-known expert in eco-innovation. Over the last decade he has been working with numerous San Francisco Bay Area companies in technology development. He earned Diplomas in Biology from Vilnius University (Lithuania) and Ph.D. in Biology from University of Miami (USA). He is also a recipient of Fulbright scholarship (1995, USA) and Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship (2018, EU). 


Ecological Economics, Conservation Science and Ecosystem-based Management (EBM) of coastal/marine social-ecological systems.


Key publications: 

Palaima A. (editor). 2012. Ecology, Conservation and Restoration of Tidal Marshes: the San Francisco Estuary. 312 p., University of California Press, Berkeley, California.

Palaima A. 2010. Populations evolutionary adaptation to temperature: a study of Daphnia (Crustacea: Cladocera). Book (ISBN: 978-3838331935), 104 p., Lambert Academic Publishing, Koln, Germany.

Teaching and Supervisions


Dr. Palaima has taught for 9 years at University of Miami and University of Mississippi, giving more than 800 lectures to more than 3,000 undergraduate students.

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Marie Curie Fellow in Ecological Economics


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Conservation Biology
Industrial Ecology