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Conservation Research Institute



My research is focused on evidence synthesis: systematic reviews of scientific studies about biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services, especially in agricultural ecosystems. I am developing new methods of evidence synthesis, including an online system for interactive meta-analysis that allows users to filter the global evidence base to find results that are relevant to their local conditions ( I am also interested in developing automated methods of evidence synthesis, using machine learning (, and using subject-wide evidence synthesis in combination with multi-criteria decision analysis to develop evidence-based tools for decision makers ( I am working in collaboration with Conservation Evidence ( and BioRISC (the Biosecurity Research Initiative at St Catharine’s College, to synthesize evidence for the effectiveness of management practices for invasive species.


Gorm is interested in the management of multiple ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes.



Key publications: 

Shackelford, G. E., Kelsey, R., Robertson, R. J., Williams, D., and Dicks, L. V. (2017), Sustainable Agriculture in California and Mediterranean Climates: Evidence for the effects of selected interventions. Synopses of Conservation Evidence Series. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

Shackelford, G. E., Steward, P. R., German, R. N., Sait, S. M. and Benton, T. G. (2015), Conservation planning in agricultural landscapes: hotspots of conflict between agriculture and nature. Diversity and Distributions, 21: 357–367.

Shackelford, G., Steward, P. R., Benton, T. G., Kunin, W. E., Potts, S. G., Biesmeijer, J. C. and Sait, S. M. (2013), Comparison of pollinators and natural enemies: a meta-analysis of landscape and local effects on abundance and richness in crops. Biological Reviews, 88: 1002–1021.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

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Room 3.01, David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street