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Conservation Research Institute



During my PhD (2014-2018) with the Community Ecology group at the University of Oxford, I investigated how plant enemies contribute to plant community structure and diversity in tropical forests. I undertook experimental and observational work on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. I joined the Conservation Evidence team in June 2019.


I am broadly interested in biodiversity conservation with much of my work to date focusing upon the diversity of plant and insect communities. In my current role with Conservation Evidence I am responsible for understanding how people use evidence, and working with conservation practitioners, policy makers and funders to get evidence more widely used to make conservation decision making more impactful and effective. 


Key publications: 

Downey, H., Fernandez, D., Lewis, O.T. Bonsall, M.B. & Gripenberg, S. (2018) Insect herbivory on seedlings of rainforest trees: effects of density and distance of conspecific and heterospecific neighbours, Ecology & Evolution.

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