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Dr Jing Meng is a research fellow of Cambridge center for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance at University of Cambridge and a Lecturer at The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, University College London (UCL). Her research focus is climate change and air pollution policies, including theories and modelling of environmental economics, energy innovation and sustainable consumption and trade policies. Jing received her Ph.D degree in Environmental Geography from Peking University. Jing's research focuses on the impact of international trade on the distribution, climate and health impacts of black carbon. Jing is a guest editor of Journal of Environmental Management, and the editorial board member of Journal of Cleaner Production and Global Transitions.


Jing is an interdisciplinary researcher, specialising in economic-environment-health nexus. Jing has a broad experience in climate change mitigation, air pollution, theories and modelling of environmental economics. With current research area in sustainability science, climate change science and policy, Jing studies on global, national and regional air emission footprints, and related health and climate effect of air pollution, with Community Earth System Model (CESM) and atmospheric model (WRF-Chem, MOZRT-4). On the basis of Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Life-cycle Analysis (LCA) and Environmental Extended Input-output Analysis (EEIO), her research sheds light on the social-economic driving forces of the temporal and spatial emission and resource consumption changes with strong policy implications for the low-carbon development and pollution mitigation.


Key publications: 

Mi, Z, Meng, J, Guan, D, Shan, Y, Song M, Wei Y, et al. Chinese CO2 emission flows have reversed since the global financial crisis. 2017. Nature Communication 8:1712. (Mi, Z. and Meng, J. Contributed equally).

Zhang, B., Zhang., Y., Zhao. X. Meng, J. *, 2017. Non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in China 2012: Inventory and supply chain analysis. Earth's Future.

Meng, J., Liu, J., Xu, Y., Guan, D., Liu, Z., Huang, Y., Tao,S. 2016. Globalization and Pollution: Tele-connecting Local Primary PM2.5 Emissions to Global Consumption. Proc. Royal Soc. A. p 20160380.

Meng, J., Liu, J., Guo, S., Huang, Y. and Tao, S. 2016. The impact of domestic and foreign trade on energy-related PM emissions in Beijing. Appl. Energy. 184, 853-862.

Meng, J., Liu, J., Xu Y., Tao S. Tracing Primary PM2. 5 emissions via Chinese supply chains. 2015. Environ. Research Letters. 10:054005.

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East Asia
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The David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street


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