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Dr. Julie Zaehringer is an environmental scientist with a PhD in geography and sustainable development and a strong interest in socio-ecological systems' research in least-developed countries. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Development and Environment at the University of Bern in Switzerland. In her current research, she focuses on the interlinkages between land use changes, ecosystem services, and human well-being in the context of land investments and conservation in East Africa and South-East Asia. She is especially curious to understand what ecosystem service benefits land users obtain from different land uses and how the link between ecosystem services and human well-being has changed over time. Furthermore, she investigates how land investments directly and indirectly affect land use and the implications of these land use changes for poverty alleviation and sustainable development.


Key publications: 

Zaehringer, Julie Gwendolin, Ramamonjisoa, Bruno, Messerli, Peter, & Lannen, Anu. (2018). Conservation Versus Local Livelihoods? Development Challenges in Northeast Madagascar. (CDE Policy Brief No. 12). Bern, Switzerland: CDE.(

Zaehringer, Julie Gwendolin; Llopis, Jorge Claudio; Latthachack, Phokham; Thein, Tun Tun & Heinimann, Andreas. (2018). A novel participatory and remote-sensing-based approach to mapping annual land use change on forest frontiers in Laos, Myanmar, and Madagascar. Journal of Land Use Science, 0(0), 1–16. (

Zaehringer, Julie Gwendolin; Wambugu, Grace; Kiteme, Boniface; & Eckert, Sandra. (2018). How do large-scale agricultural investments affect land use and the environment on the western slopes of Mount Kenya? Empirical evidence based on small-scale farmers’ perceptions and remote sensing. Journal of Environmental Management, 213, 79–89. (

Zaehringer, Julie Gwendolin; Schwilch, Gudrun; Andriamihaja, Onintsoa Ravaka; Ramamonjisoa, Bruno; Messerli, Peter. (2017). Remote sensing combined with social-ecological data: The importance of diverse land uses for ecosystem service provision in north-eastern Madagascar. Ecosystem Services 25:140–152. (

Zaehringer, Julie Gwendolin; Hett, Cornelia; Ramamonjisoa, Bruno; Messerli, Peter (2016). Beyond deforestation monitoring in conservation hotspots: Analysing landscape mosaic dynamics in north-eastern Madagascar. Applied geography, 68, pp. 9-19. (

Dr Julie G Zaehringer

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