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Dr Maximillian Bock

Subject groups/Research projects

Knowledge and Expertise in Conservation:

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Research Interests

A physicist by training, Dr Bock has a professional background in natural materials for construction, life cycle assessments, and tools to inform early design phases for housing. Previously, he investigated use-case of engineered bamboo in the developing world as a high-performing building material. In 2014, he consulted for UN Habitat in Kenya on housing policy and tools, and is active contributor for SHERPA, a 10YFP funded housing design guide for the Global South. He is currently working at the Resource Efficiency Collective jointly with Granta Design on technological innovations that advance sustainable housing solutions and is an investigator on circular economy for the built environment.

Other Professional Activities

Member of editorial board for Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining - Construction Materials Group Newsletter

Advisor for Centre for Science and Policy at University of Cambridge

Member of Global Challenges Forum at University of Cambridge

Key Publications

Herda, G., Sangori, R. and Bock, M., 2017. Low Cost, Low Carbon, but no Data: Kenya's Struggle to Develop the Availability of Performance Data for Building Products. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 38, pp.452-460.

Shah, D.U., Bock, M.C., Mulligan, H. and Ramage, M.H., 2016. Thermal conductivity of engineered bamboo composites. Journal of materials science, 51(6), pp.2991-3002.

Liu, X., Smith, G.D., Jiang, Z., Bock, M.C., Boeck, F., Frith, O., Gatóo, A., Liu, K., Mulligan, H., Semple, K.E. and Sharma, B., 2015. Nomenclature for engineered bamboo. BioResources, 11(1), pp.1141-1161.

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