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My work is in evidence-based conservation, which focuses on summarising and disseminating scientific evidence about the effects of conservation interventions for habitats and species.  I manage the Conservation Evidence project, which provides accessible information to enhance decision making for more effective conservation management.

I produced the synopsis of global evidence for the effects of conservation interventions for amphibians and contributed to the Farmland Conservation synopsis. I now oversee the production of all synopses of evidence.  These are available as a searchable database, downloadable pdfs and as books on the Conservation Evidence website.  Summarized evidence is assessed by experts and published in 'What Works in Conservation'. I have also completed a systematic review investigating the effectiveness of predator control for enhancing bird populations.



Previously my research focussed on population monitoring and ecological studies relating to conservation issues and resulting in the development of management strategies for declining and endangered species, particularly mammals.  My work included managing a Darwin Initiative project Capacity building in mammal management for Western Cape nature reserves.  I have also worked as a Senior Ecological Consultant in the UK.  I completed my doctorate and undergraduate degree at the University of Bristol and a Masters degree in Applied Ecology and Conservation at the University of East Anglia.


Key publications: 

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