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I am interested in the effective use of scientific information for biodiversity conservation. My current research is focused in particular on the following three aspects of information use.
  1.  Identifying gaps in information and their drivers: I have been working on how information on biodiversity is distributed over space, time and taxa, and what causes the existing gaps in information availability. See, for example, Amano et al (2013) Proc Roy Soc B, Amano et al (2016) BioScience and Amano et al (2016) PLOS Biology.
  2.  Overcoming information gaps with modelling approaches: I have been developing and applying modelling approaches to better inform conservation using available, imperfect data. Examples include studies on waterbird declines (Amano et al 2010 Biol Cons and Amano et al 2018 Nature), plant responses to climate change (Amano et al 2010, 2014 Proc Roy Soc B), broad-scale effectiveness of organic farming (Amano et al 2011 Ecol Lett) and extinction risk of human languages (Amano et al 2014 Proc Roy Soc B).
  3. Bridging the research-implementation gap: I am also keen to provide scientific information for conservation in a more accessible way, and am involved in the Conservation Evidence project as a statistical editor, aiming to contribute to the implementation of evidence-based decision making in conservation. Also see Amano et al (2016) PLOS Biology.


Key publications: 

Amano, T., Székely, T., Sandel, B., Nagy, S., Mundkur, T., Langendoen, T., Blanco, D., Soykan, C.U. and Sutherland, W.J. (2018) Successful conservation of global waterbird populations depends on effective governance. Nature 553: 199–202.

Amano, T., González-Varo, J.P. and Sutherland, W.J. (2016) Languages are still a major barrier to global science. PLOS Biology 14: e2000933.

Amano, T., Sandel, B., Eager, H., Bulteau, E., Svenning, J.-C., Dalsgaard, B., Rahbek, C., Davies, R.G. and Sutherland, W.J. (2014) Global distribution and drivers of language extinction risk. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281: 20141574.

Amano, T. and Sutherland, W.J. (2013) Four barriers to the global understanding of biodiversity conservation: wealth, language, geographical location and security. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280: 20122649.

Amano, T., Kusumoto, Y., Okamura, H., Baba, Y.G., Hamasaki, K., Tanaka, K. and Yamamoto, S. (2011) A macro-scale perspective on within-farm management: how climate and topography alter the effect of farming practices. Ecology Letters 14: 1263-1272.

Amano, T., Smithers, R.J., Sparks, T.H. and Sutherland, W.J. (2010) A 250-year index of first flowering dates and its response to temperature changes. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 277: 2451-2457.

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Dr Tatsuya  Amano

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