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Emma Garnett

Emma Garnett

PhD Student

Subject groups/Research projects

Biodiversity in the Future Earth:

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

Emma is researching which interventions work to reduce the environmental impact of diet. This project spans the natural and social sciences as well as public health and behavioural psychology. More generally, she is interested in understanding how to overcome economic, social and psychological barriers to sustainable resource use.

Key Publications

English, S; Cowen, H; Garnett, E; and Hargrove, JW (2016). Maternal effects on offspring size in a natural population of the viviparous tsetse fly. Ecological Entomology, 41(5), 618-626

Expert contributor: Spalding, MD; Brumbaugh RD; and Landis, E (2016). Atlas of Ocean Wealth. The Nature Conservancy. Arlington, VA. 

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