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Undergraduate degree in Biology; Master’s degree in Ecology; currently PhD student (all at the University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil)and visiting student at the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute.


I am a landscape ecologist and my main interest is to investigate management and policy strategies to conciliate agricultural production and biodiversity conservation in fragmented landscapes. In my PhD, my aim is to evaluate the costs and benefits associated with a land regulation policy on agricultural landscapes in Brazil and to evaluate the effectiveness of coffee environmental certification schemes for conservation, also in Brazil.


Key publications: 

Metzger, J.P., Esler, K., Krug, C., Arias, M., Tambosi, L., Crouzeilles, R., Acosta, A.L., Brancalion, P.H., d’Albertas, F., Duarte, G.T., Garcia, L.C., Grytnes, J.-A., Hagen, D., Jardim, A.V.F., Kamiyama, C., Latawiec, A.E., Rodrigues, R.R., Ruggiero, P.G., Sparovek, G., Strassburg, B., Saraiva, A.M., Joly, C., 2017. Best practice for the use of scenarios for restoration planning. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Part A: Environmental change issues • Part B: Open Issue, Part III 29, 14–25.

d’Albertas, F., Costa, K., Romitelli, I., Barbosa, J.M., Vieira, S.A., Metzger, J.P., 2018. Lack of evidence of edge age and additive edge effects on carbon stocks in a tropical forest. Forest Ecology and Management 407, 57–65.

Acosta, A.L., d’Albertas, F., Leite, M. de S., Saraiva, A.M., Metzger, J.P.W., 2018. Gaps and limitations in the use of restoration scenarios: a review. Restoration Ecology 26, 1108–1119.

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South America
Visiting PhD Student


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Conservation Biology
Landscape Ecology